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October 3, 2008

Friends, Fears and More Pasta Parties

Pasta Party No. 2
Theme: Carbonara Day
When: September 24, 2008

Manang Tin peemailed manong while manong peemailed manang and manang peemailed no one, and so it had been an afternoon of pure peemailing bliss before we got the part 2 of our Pasta Party started.

I managed to hack the hooman’s emails thru the help of my Spy sister, at it went something like..

Dy, kaon kamo sa balay ha? maluto kami carbonara
(Prof. Heinz’ translation: Dy, eat at home, ok? We will cook carbonara)

Ok a.

Bakal na lang kamo dayon tinapay kay wala kami ka bakal, palihog hambal kay Mich
(Buy bread also because we were not able to buy, please tell Mich)

And so the hoomans went home,
Bringing their pasta deprived appetites
They replenished our sack of doggie meal,
Minus the Jetepar*,
And never forgot about the bread, too.

(Note from the Inu Ogler: we had to look for Poopie’s “Jetepar” per The Secretary’s and the Animal Doctor’s suggestion. Unfortunately, it was not sold in the pharmacy and the pet shop. It was during this time that Poopie was under medication after their bloody bout with the Evil Ticks from Down Under. Poopie just finished her Recovery Diet from the day before and so, we decided to give her boiled eggs, instead.)

Oooohh.. so many guests. And so many things to be excited about. Tita Jenny, manang’s officemate and Mommy Secretary’s sister brought some goodies for us from Manila.

Manang bought me a leash from Greenwoods Pet Clinic and THIS was Moymoy’s choice of color.

Don’t I look mighty handsome, Mommy Lilli?

I had some droolicious treat in a tube!
And my Mommy Lilli gave ME some extra bacon treats, too.
Thank you so much, mommy!

(Note from the inu ogler: Aki thinks that the toothpaste is also a ‘treat’ since it is poultry flavored. I’ve been having a difficult time brushing his teeth without the toothpaste being licked to Neverland.)

What’s this? Why are these hoomans huddled in that table when I am right here?

Manang tin is the only one paying attention to Aki

Manang tin, Can’t you see me?

I was initially placed in my usual corner because Ms. Clavel, manang Tin and R’s officemate, supposedly had a traumatic experience with a dog.

“Oh pooh!” Poopie snorted.

Ms. Giselle with Poopie

She had already recovered slowly and was cuddled tightly in the arms of my new friend, Ms. Giselle. Ms. Giselle loves dogs. She even asked manang if she can have Poopie *eherm* sired by her poodle.

“Heavens, NO!”

I heard the woof woman exclaiming in astonishment.

“She is still a puppy and there is no way that she will be allowed to have her own puppies very soon!”

Tsk tsk.. silly, over protective manangs.

Aki was forcing a kiss from Ms. Giselle

Oh! Oh! .. I hear camera clicks.

The hooman guests with Manang R (black Jersey)

But what good is a picture without the podsings of the Ilonggo House?
Manong, come close, I have a drooly brilliant idea.

And so we started our doggie trauma therapy session sans Prof. Heinz, who was in Bacolod City.

Manang had to explain the proper way of approaching and reaching out to a furry (and drooly gorgeous) stranger.

manang: Aki is a good boy, promise.

Everyone gave their assurance and testaments on how angelic, well-behaved and ultra cool I am.

Ah! Hard as a stick of bones.

manang: unless you are a living spaghetti sauteed rawhide, he won't bite you

The hooman wont budge.
She was deathly afraid of my handsome Labrador body.

manag tin: his fur is like cotton candy

In the end we weren’t able to get rid of her trauma entirely. (she chose the smallest fear-conquering alternative)

Ms. Clavel with Poopie


At least we were able to get these.

They did say that the first step is always the hardest. Who's trembling in fear now?

Woofy to Ms. Clavel for Conquering her Doggie Trauma!

Finally convinced Ms. Clavel to give Aki a pat in the back :)

Not bad for my first practice as a doggie trauma therapist.

Now, is there any one in need of some Koykoy lovin'?


The Three Musketeers said...

Wow , you guys sure have lots of pasta party ! her present for us maybe the fur-cut . but now lady is hospitalized D:
Kinda worried for her !


The Three Musketeers said...

Thanks a lot pup !
She is currently staying at the clinic . Do hope her operation will be a success !


The Animal Doctor said...

poor koykoy. i was more worried that the lady might have hurt your feelings. how can anyone resist your handsome face?!

anyway, i'm going to share to you an open secret. i used to have a fear, or to be precise, a phobia of dogs!

a small dog ran after me when i was 8. after that i became very afraid of dogs, the sight of one or the thought of one jumping at me would already make me tremble in fear.

of course, when my phobia was cured ( about a decade later, and which is another story) and i began liking, even loving, dogs, my fears in the past suddenly looked very silly.

i just wish your manang's friend would get over her fear ( those photos don't lie, i can see how tense she is!) and realize how animals, dogs especially, can make life more joyful.

oh by the way, i underestimated your size, the harness looks a bit tight, isn't it? but you're dashing anyway. don't go breaking hearts, okay? i dont wanna have to defend you in court. :)

- Mommi Secretary

Lorenza said...

A pasta party sounds delicious!
Glad she conquered her fear to doggies!
Kisses and hugs

T-man Angel said...

Poor Koykoy! I hope you didn't feel too rejected. I hope that lady will get over her fear of doggies. She's missing out on a lot!!

T-man Angel

Maggie and Mitch said...

Hi Aki! Thanks for stopping by our blog!
We see you've got pasta over here! Pizza is #1 with us and pasta is next best! yummmmmmmmmm

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch