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October 30, 2009

Howloween Special

When asked which part of my body defines me the most, the hoomans would always give different answers. Some would say my floppy ears, others- my humongous paws, others still- my doe like brown eyes. For me, however, my nose is my greatest asset. Why?

Because it was so black and button like (in a big way) and definitely adds a punch to all of my pleading looks.

Why, I can no longer count the number of times that the hoomans melt everytime I give them these looks.

All thanks to the nose, among others, of course!

Recently though, I noticed that my ultra dark snooter had faded a little (see evidence below).

So, again, and despite my reservations, I decided to consult with the Doctor Girl (mostly out of pity since nobody would really trust her with real health issues. BOL!) and she gave me this…

Perwoll Black Liquid Detergent with Black Fixant…?

Hmmm…. I’m not really too sure about this and I don’t really know what a Liquid Detergent is, but hey, I do see a word that I like! I mean one can’t possibly go wrong with anything that has the word Black on it right?

It does say that it helps retain the color of black clothes. Hence, applying the rule of parallelism, I’m sure it would work wonders on my nose!

And since we’re at it, I think I now know what I want to be for Halloween…

Happy Howloween everyone!!!

It is going to be a long weekend here, so before we go, allow us to share with you our first ever Halloween video!

Enjoy and stay safe always!!

October 28, 2009

Karancho Beach Resort

Aki here. For those who asked if we were able to go to the beach last Sunday, Yes, we did. And yes, the weather was terrific! Thank you so much for those who helped us in praying for good weather. :)

We went to Karancho Beach Resort, which is among the series of resorts lining Marigondon in Lapu-Lapu City.

For a normal Sunday, it was a little too crowded but then it was such an experience because we met with our old friends and made new friends as well. There were lots of dogs in the place too: their resident Great Dane, Scooby (who was too shy to even show us a glimpse of his fur); a German Shepherd, Miniature Pinscher and of course, our frenemy Belo the Poodle.

However, the best part in this entire beach trip for me is that Poopie, yeppers, The Pooper Scooper herself, finally shed all her inhibitions and for the first time, had the time of her life at the Beach! (We sure did not see that coming!)

We hope you’ll enjoy watching our humble slideshow. We promise to post our favorite videos once the hoomans figure out how to save it into a readable format *rolls eyes*

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

October 23, 2009

Poopie Rx

In his earlier posts, my good buddy Huskee Boy had been having problems with his new ‘do’ after a recent visit to the groomer.

I found that his excessively trimmed fur had already affected his confidence to pose for pictures (If you’ve noticed, there has been a shortage of Huskees and instead, we’ve been seeing more and more of the Black and White one)

For someone who had to contend with having short fur for his entire existence, I felt that more research is in order if I intend to help out in regaining my buddy’s confidence.

I proceeded to ask my brother Guan Long, who, last Christmas, had a terrible skin problem and had to be shaved off of his handsome locks but now looks amazing!

Thankfully, he was able to share with me a few secrets:

For coarse and/or thinning fur all over the body, we can always rely on a daily dose of Coat Shine or Fish Oil.

For less serious conditions, a good shirt always hits the nail when wanting to cover up unwanted body fur appearance (or the lack of it).

In the case of Huskee, however, he made mention of his ears appearing as if it were chopped off aside from being sort of “nekkid”. Having assumed her new role as Doctor Girl, Poopie suggested that Huskee needed to do some volumizing (if there is such a word)…

So she rummaged through my stuffies and decided to innovate a little…

And this is what she ended up with…

What do you think Huskee? Does it hit the nail right on its head or shall we aim the hammer somewhere else?

Aki’s Postscripts:

The hoomans happily shared with us a wonderful news. We were told to pack our favorite squeaky ball, towels and an extra set of harness and psych ourselves for something exciting this Sunday…. Hmmm…. Do we smell ocean breeze? Please pray that Typhoon Lupit won’t rain on our ‘parade’!

Until next post everybuddy!! Cheers.

October 12, 2009

White, Blue and Avocado

Almost a week ago, the hoomans came home with a little more than their usual contraband- from porcelain bowls, cat(!) toys, miniature furniture and weird looking bags of kibbles. Thankfully not everything was alien to us.

They did manage to bring us a piece of delish Kenny Roger’s Roaster’s muffin for dinner which we had to, unfortunately, earn by doing the usual boring tricks.

Aki was required to balance the entire thing on his nose, but he got too excited and by the time the flashy box snapped, Mr. Roger’s muffin went from his nose to…
Of course, the hoomans had to let him do it again

Although Mr. Roger’s muffin doesn’t look as appealing any more :(

Thankfully, manong did remember to save me a piece before my humongous brother swallowed the entire thing (again!).

After the bribe… erm.. treat, the hoomans revealed to us an important news: Our family is expanding!

This handsome sable diluted violet male fischer is
Attorney 1

While this pretty dark factor violet female fischer is Attorney 2

Like us, they also live inside our house in a fancy mini apartment of their own. How cool is that?

And finally, we were brought to a very familiar house which we haven’t seen for almost a month already. Honestly, it looked almost the same, except for a few extra items inside…

(Aki then whispers to Poopie)

Oh! You mean that is not a tree décor?

Welcome home George!

This has been

, reporting.

manang’s note: Yes, 5 days ago, Aki, Poopie and our entire family welcomed George back into our lives. He is a 7-8 month old Indian Ring Neck Parrot (which George would have been now) whom we finally took home after weeks of trying to arrange a meeting with the Aviary. Although it might be weird for some, we still decided to name him George in honor of our little angel George. As expected it has been a trying first week and we’re starting from scratch again, but hey! At least, we’re Starting…. :)

October 6, 2009

Better Days Keep Coming

Hellow there puppies!

It has been a busy two weeks back here. First, we had typhoon Ketsana and then less than a week after, typhoon Parma entered the country. Although we live many nautical miles away from the scene of devastation, Poopie and I both feel that it is incumbent upon us to help our unfortunate brothers and sisters.

Last Monday, we sent our hooman to Makati in Metro Manila to inspect the place and let us know the extent of damage in the affected areas. Five days after, she came back with no updates/ news that were any different from the ones in the TV screens. We were informed though, that to this date, many are still stranded in their homes with water levels up to their waists (Filipinos are relatively shorter than most Caucasians and Asians, so it might be a few inches lower for most of your hoomans).

Poopie and I remembered that the hooman had a handy life vest hidden somewhere in the cupboards, so we both decided to give it a try before volunteering in the rescue operations. Capt. Jack Sparrow’s rubber boat would have greatly helped, but it was not for rent so we are really left without much options.

After fitting the hooman’s vest, any illusions of being a Baywatch babe/stud vanished into thin air.

Well, Poopie sure was no Pamela Anderson…

And let’s just say that I looked more like a hotdog (and I don't mean our good friend Lorenza and Hailey :) ) than a beach stud…

Aside from the lack of lifesaving paraphernalia, Poopie and I also had to consider flying an hour at 434 knots (308 nautical miles) in order to reach Manila before we can assist in the rescue/relief operations.

Accepting our limitations, we finally struck a deal with manang. Instead of buying for us “pasalubong” (gifts) from her business trip, we decided that a simple double dose of TLC in exchange for some grocery money for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) and Pepeng (Parma) is more than enough for Poopie and myself.

We know that it is not enough to feed and clothe the 64,975 families who were either left homeless or stranded in their homes, but we do hope that it would somehow help tide them over in the coming days.

In my personal opinion, during times of tragedies, there are no lines of divisiveness, a helping hand and helping paw both relay the same message and that is what I would call Love.

On a brighter note, allow us to share with all of you some good news.

First, our bloggie is a finalist in the Philippine Blog Awards under the Best Recreation/ Hobby Blog Category!! Yayyy!!! Can you believe it?

Thank you Mommy Lilli for letting us know about the contest. We are exhilarated to be part of this prestigious award and we can’t wait to watch the awards night live (via video streaming that is) on October 8. Wish us luck puppies!

And finally, more great news… erm… shall we say great “paws”! For now though, we’ll just keep it under the code: White, Blue and Avocado! :)

Chirping with happiness,

Aki and Poopie