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April 30, 2009

Thanking April

Today is the last day of April and it is during this day that we give a toast to a month of endless celebrations! Why, you ask?

Let us first take you to a week before Easter (I know… it took the hooman that long.. tsk tsk..), when a package of sorts first arrived at my Mommy Lilli’s (of the Animal Doctor) house in Manila. In it was something that manong ordered for me- my very own red Classic XL Kong.

This little number travelled far and wide to get here- almost three months, more or less. From a certain online store in the US, it was delivered to the doorstep of Mommy Lilli’s friend, who is also residing in the US. After that, it was mailed straight to Manila, Philippines, then by Easter Week, it travelled to Ilo-Ilo City with Mommy Lilli. A week later, Ate Jenny, her sister and manang’s friend and officemate, went to Cebu about 2 weeks ago for a seminar, and brought it with her and finally, after a long time of endless passing of hands, it finally rested (not in peace!) in the enormous paws of his forever keeper. whew! some globe trotter, eh? That almost made me leak. BOL!

My first Kong’s arrival came at a very timely day. It was manang Clavel’s birthday.

If you remember, this was the same friend of my manang Tin and R’ who was deathly afraid of me during our first few meetings. She was also the one who brought me to our Eden and Isla Romantica. So to you manang Clavel- A barky belated Happy Birthday!

Yesterday, we read about handsome Mango and his Singapore Sling. It was about the slipper toys that our dear friends, Huskee and Hershey sent him. Funny enough, a few minutes after the mailman arrived and dropped off a similar parcel from H&H. To make things more interesting, our very sweet and uberly fashionista friend, Lorenza, also received her pressie during the same day. What coincidence!

(sorry, we weren’t able to upload the pictures of our actual pressie opening- Poopie wants to make a separate post for it because she has certain "issues" that need to be resolved... I say, whatever. :p)

Poopie and I are loving the slippers so much. The hoomans, were of course, the happiest. Now this is one piece of slipper that we are allowed to chew on. BOL!

And just when we thought we had already reached the peak, manang R’ gave us the best news!

May 1 is Labor Day in the Philippines. It is a non-working holiday, which means, today is the last day of work for the week for the hoomans. No more waiting for Friday to end, tomorrow, we are officially on vacation! wooooffffyyy!!!

After days and days of mulling over the pooter and browsing countless websites of resorts and beaches suitable for a (doggy) vacation (and even heinous hooman plans of staying in a resort overnight without bringing the “puppies”- the shame!), Poopie and I are all set.

Ginatilan, here we come!

Note from Aki and Poopie: We would like to extend our slobbery and woofy thank yous to manang Joyce for allowing us to stay in her fabulous place and to manang R’ and Tin, for always finding ways for me to come to these beach outings! We love you all so much!!!

See you all on Monday! mwah!

April 27, 2009

Memoirs of a Bath Junkie

Ah the scorching heat. Indeed the summer months have arrived, and boy did they arrive with a bang.

To all those who prayed and expressed their concern over manang, thank you. Unfortunately, last Saturday we experienced a minor glitch.

The entire cluster of regions in the Visayas (Where Cebu is located) had a power outage during the great part of Saturday so manang was not able to go to the doctor for the check-up. It was a good thing though that she managed to buy these wonderful medicine from a store called “Health Express”, which, thank dog, allayed those nervous intestines until the next 15 days!

Ok. Enough of the boring stuff.

Last Sunday was a great day for me. Poopie, Choychoy and I did a three-round walkie around our block, the hoomans also brought us lots of juicy bones and I got a bad case of LBM (to be covered in a separate post) and of course, manang gave Poopie and I a lovely bath- the perfect solution to the scorching summer heat…

Is it just me, or is there a turned-on sprinkler nearby?

Now we’re talking!

This feels so good, don’t you agree?

I confess, I am a bath junkie!

Here’s to you, Mr. Summer Sun…

I’m not going out of here unless you promise to take me to the beach this weekend, manong!


At least let me chew on the towel a little bit longer…

My hoomans always say that I am their hero because I saved them from a life of utter boredom…

You know what? I think I am.

April 24, 2009

Who's Stinky Now?

It is the peak of summer here in the Philippines and as you can just imagine, it’s boiling hot... too hot in fact, that I can practically cook eggs on the pavement.

On a normal occasion, the hoomans would give us a bath every Sunday. This of course, is a little too much for most puppies we know. But here in the Philippines, where the temperatures play at 30┬║ Celsius degrees during summer, who can blame us if we ask for a little more water than usual?

The hoomans gave Poopie a bath last Sunday and as expected, she smelled fabulous.

The hoomans were supposed to give me a bath too but sadly, manang had to attend a baptismal ceremony early in the afternoon and had deferred my usual bath until next Sunday.

That’s all fine and dandy considering that I still have my trusty fur deodorizer. A few spritzes here and there and I’m all sweet smelling and fresh.

But while Poopie and I both smelled like freshly picked flowers, guess who raised the stink-o-meter ten notches higher?

Today marks the 3rd straight day that she did not take a full bath (manang: I did take a bath! I just didn’t wash my hair!)… pretty icky, I know… tsk tsk. And all for what, you say? For fashion (read: vanity), what else?!

The hooman had something called an ear reboned (manang: it’s hair rebond, Aki!) last Monday and as result, she had to let all the chemicals settle in for a few days. She was already supposed to wet her hair today but her obsessive compulsive nature kicked in so she decided it was too soon and extended her stinky lifestyle for one more day.

At the peak of this travesty, I would normally consider resettling myself somewhere far and out of reach, but since the hooman provides for my food, and frankly, Poopie and I do not have enough resources to afford a hotel room on our own, we resorted to less drastic measures.

In any case, I’m just glad our computers don’t have smell-o-vision.


Poopie and I would like to ask for your prayers for manang. She will be going to the doctor for a check up tomorrow to have her intestines checked. She had always been having big problems erm… defecating… usually once in three days, and with very abnormal "results". It has come to the point where all forms of laxatives and fiber supplements are no longer effective. Please help us pray that her test results would turn out normal and that she will be back into our loving home immediately.


Aki and Poopie

April 23, 2009

Putting the Pearls in Pearly Whites

The hoomans went to someone called a dentist last Tuesday. Manong kept mulling over not wanting to get a “root canal” and get a crowning instead…. While manang kept on talking about dental fillings, etc.

Frankly, I did not understand a thing nor do I find any of it interesting. Ok. Maybe I find the filling part interesting. They remind me of those succulent cheese tarts that the hoomans would bring after every long vacation. Mmmmm….

Ok, back to the topic.

So the hoomans visited the dentist for 2 straight days and they returned last night with empty pockets and bleeding gums. (sorry to be so graphic). I looked at the dental bills and gasped. They could have practically bought 6 sacks of kibbles with the amount of money that they spent to spruce up 3 measly pieces of lousy hooman tooth! And they spent all that in less than 6 hours, whereas Poopie and I had to stretch our single sack of kibble for more than a month! Where’s the justice here?!

Overhearing my muttering, manang called me and gave a serious lecture on dental care. She said that if I don’t take care of my teeth, I might end up spending more to have them fixed either that, or endure smiling with a missing front tooth for the rest of my life. Of course, I didn’t need that.

So off we were to do some serious brushing…

Can we please do without the nasty toothbrush and just let me lick the toothpaste off your finger?


Aw. What’s the point… The hoomans always win. :(

Gotta brush ‘em good so I can spend more on kibbles instead of donating those hard-earned cash to the nottie dentist.

If for anything, the best part in all these is the poultry flavored toothpaste… yum!

How about you buddies, have you brushed those pearly whites today?

April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Begging Face

My hoomans often say that I am such a prima donna at times. They say I am so spoiled even when it comes to begging for treats. I don't really know about that. But here is how I manage to get my fair share of treats...

April 16, 2009

My New Routine Nowadays

There are times in a puppy boy's life, when he breaks away from his good boy reputation and try something more erm... naughty, for a change...

The last few weeks I had been quite a ball of relentless puppy energy. Eversince Peachy gave birth to her puppies with Choychoy, she had been snarling at me thus I had to contend with the life inside the house. No more playtime for Choychoy for a while.

And so, to get rid of all those extra puppy energy, instead of the usual "horsing around the compound with Choychoy", here is how a normal day for me would be like:

"Manang, are you still up in your room? Do you have any plans of coming down soon?"

"Are you sure you're not coming down? (checks room)"

"I’ll just be here sleeping if you need anything, okay?"


(Manang: "Aki, do I hear shrieking? What are you doing to your sister again?" )

*puts up innocent face*

"Yes manang, you called? Poopie and I were just talking. I think, you had another dream again. Go back to sleep. I’ll take care of everything here."

April 11, 2009

Missing everyone

Hello puppies. Aki here. We are sorry for not being able to post as promised. Unfortunately, the internet connection is dead in my sissy's house, so my brother, Prof. Heinz was not able to make posts in our behalf. To make matters worse, manang's camera went dead and she forgot to bring her battery charger so she was only able to take pictures using her phone... :(

We are pleased to note, though, that Poopie and I are doing well with our nannies in the last two days. By now, manang Tin and R' have returned from their short vacation in Ginatilan. They wowed us with stories about how fabulous the place was- from its pristine beaches to its waterfalls. I have to admit, I was a little envious. Maybe manong can bring us there when they get back from their vacation? :D

We also have a new sissy- she is a chowchow puppy named Yan Tzi. She is almost three months old and is really pretty. We hope to post pics of her and updated pics of our family here.

And oh! Do you still remember our story last Christmas about our handsome Chowchow brother named Guan Long, whom we shaved because he had mange? Well we are so proud to say that he is very well now and mange free. His lovely mane grew back and it is fluffier than ever! Woooofy!!

Remind me to make a mental note and ask Guan Long about his fur regrowing secret so that I, too, can regrow my fur in no time!

We hope that everyone is doing well. We are especially praying for those who were badly affected by earthquake in Italy. Stay safe everyone! We miss you all!

drooly kisses,

April 5, 2009

Poopie has decided!

Hello there puppies! Aki here... The hoomans are already at the airport and waiting for their flight as I type, so i'll make this quick.

Thank you all so much for the support and wise advices that you gave my sister. She had finally made a decision!!! Of course, she's staying behind to keep me company! Poopie and I are a team! We do every thing together. Heck, I cannot imagine the poor girl going to sleep without me. I am mighty pleased. *insert smug look here*

Don't worry about us though. Two of our hoomans will still stay with us until Wednesday and they'll be back by Thursday evening. For the meantime, we will be allowing our brother, Prof. Heinz to keep you posted in the next week. We hope that you will all welcome him as warmly as you welcomed us.

Wishing you all a pleasant holiday and a fruitful week ahead!!!

drooly kisses,


April 3, 2009

Poopie has a Dilemma

Hello dear friends! The Pooper Scooper here.

A lot of sheep and cows had been running around my head for a day now. As some of you might know, the Lenten Season is almost here and as a matter of tradition, our hoomans, specifically, manong and manang will be going home to Bacolod for the entire week.
Now you all know that Aki and I live with four hoomans in the Ilonggo House, so that leaves us with two more to keep us company, right? Well, that’s not exactly so. Manang Tin and R’ will be going with some friends to some place called Ginatilan on Thursday and they will be back by Friday.

Since we don’t have a car here (and the muscle for Aki) they would not be able to bring both of us along. They were so kind enough though, to make arrangements for one of their friends to baby sit us in the mornings, while Ms. Dams (Peachy and Choychoy’s hooman) will look after us at night. It would only be roughly two days, afterall.

So everything was set. Aki and I were supposed to stay behind and look after the house while our hoomans are away… Then Manang Tin and R’ broke the news yesterday. They said they will take me along. I am small and manageable and I can accompany them anywhere they go.

I am torn.

Shall I go to the beach with the hoomans and their friends and leave Aki behind? Or shall I stick it out with our nanny’s for two days and keep Aki company considering that I’m not any inch close to being a water lover?

What do you think, puppies? I would really appreciate (read: need) your opinion. Manang and manong will be leaving for Bacolod on Sunday afternoon. I hope by then, I have already decided.

A confused,

Ms. Poopie du Claun