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May 8, 2009

Our Ginatilan Getaway: Part 2

During our second day in Ginatilan, Poopie and I woke up at around 6AM to the scene of fishermen arriving from their overnight mini expeditions from the middle of the sea.

Upon their arrival, throngs of family members gather to inspect the volume of fish that they caught. In lesser developed areas like this, fishes caught by these fishermen are sold in the market and partly, consumed by family members for their daily meals.

Little kids were also sprawling in the beach. Some were helping out their parents in securing the “inventory” for sale in the market, while some were simply enjoying themselves in the ocean.

As I headed out for my early morning swim, my attention was caught by this group of people- young men, actually, who were transferring mid-sized rocks from the seashore to the nearby man-made sea wall.

Overlooking the entire operation is this guy, whom I fondly called as Capt. Jack Sparrow. He was a very nice man. He informed us that they were actually making a second sea wall to replace the first one which was already badly battered by the waves. Capt. Jack was working for Manang Joyce’s parents, thus explaining why they were working near our beach area.

By 9 AM, all of the lazy hoomans had already finished breakfast and proceeded for another round of swimming. We were supposed to visit Ginatilan’s famous waterfalls, but since it rained last night, we decided to just bum around the beach again.

While the hoomans were busy lounging in the sand bar and tending to their personal businesses, a certain dog, who shall not be named *cough cough* went missing! Perhaps, his* limitless independence had become to enticing, that he decided to wander off to experience a different side of Ginatilan.
*not indicative of the real gender of the missing dog.

Apparently, this “missing dog” had chased after some chickens, found a nearby pig pen, met several dogs, scared off some kids and considered all these amusing. He strayed and strayed until he found himself a cozy home near the main road, which was filled with hoomans who were all capable of screaming like girls- yes, despite their adam’s apples...

After nearly causing his hooman family to have a heart attack over his exploits, manang Tin found him, apologized profusely to the “aggrieved” family and brought him back to the beach house.

This time, everyone decided to get into the water in order to keep an eye on him.

We went to the other side of the beach, which had more fishes in them. Manong, Manang Tin and R’ found for themselves a nemesis… BOL! He was a black salt water fish, who was very territorial and continually pecked on their ankles while they snorkeled.

The hoomans urged me to help them chase away the fish, but I was no good at diving, that all I can do was circle around them in my usual “shark style” swimming technique… (I have this thing with hoomans who are engrossed with swimming. Whenever I see someone having so much fun in the water, I would swim near them and purposely hit them with either my legs or forepaws until they would get distracted or swallow sea water…. Hehehe)

It was so unfortunate that we didn’t have an underwater camera to expose the fiend and his evil doings... BOL! Alas, if only my brothers Paco and Milo, were here, they would have helped us with our fishy problem… hehehe…

By this time, I was already tired from two days of continuous swimming, so manong decided to put me on top of a rock. He said it was so that they could all keep an eye on me… I wondered whatever for… *puts up innocent face*

As the day progressed, the water level started to rise until my rock was almost hidden. I barked and barked because I wanted to get down and was already tired of swimming. Manong urged me to go down, but I hesitated so they had no choice but to coax me using my squeaky ball and a bag of chips.

As I planned to head back to dry land, Capt. Jack Sparrow, who had by then, become quite fond of me, offered to let me stay on his “boat” while the hoomans continue with their swimming.

At first manang was so thrilled, but realizing that the boat was a little too “delicate” for me to stay in, she begged off citing that my puppy nails might “deflate” Capt. Jack’s boat. Spoil sport.

It was a good thing that Capt. Jack was a persuasive man- and a very generous one at that! He again, insisted that I rest in his boat. The flooring was afterall, covered with wood, so there was no way I could sink it. To sweeten the deal, he volunteered to bring me to the middle of the sea.

I was elated. And so were the hoomans, I bet! Even from afar, I can see their burnt faces seething with envy… hehe… manang R’ had been taking interest in riding the boat since this morning and I, Mr. Achilles Wong, had managed to do so, for free! Yup, only by using my puppy eyes, I managed to score a trip to the middle of the sea and back. Ha! Take that hoomans!

Is it just me, or do I hear myself sizzle with hotness? Oh yeah!

By noontime, the sun had started to beat down hard on us. We headed back to shore to have lunch, pack our bags, shower and take a few snoozes.

We left Ginatilan at around 4:30PM. By 8PM, we were already home but not without stopping by for some juicy burgers at McDonalds for dinner. (We will post all the other pictures once Manang Joyce makes us a copy of those taken from her camera)

Poopie and I had both been very good dogs throughout the trip and the hoomans decided to reward us with a burger each... the 4Bs weren't kidding when they said McDonalds burgers are delish!

I had a good sleep that night. I immediately slept upon arriving home, which was kind of unusual (after dinner, of course!). And just when one would think that I had more than enough sleep, I slept throughout a large part of Sunday, too!

Whoever said tired dogs are happy dogs, sure wasn’t kidding! From now on, you can tire me anytime! 'Til we meet again Ginatilan! For now, I will just continue to dream about you...


Anonymous said...

Oh that last picture is beautiful. You are one lucky and special labrador Aki.

Suzuki said...

Looks like you had a pawsome time!
Big licks to you

Anita said...

Great photos! You are an amazing swimmer!

Sara Alves said...

:) what a great time!
and I agree with you! tiered dog´s are happy dogs ;D
lot´s of licks

PS - love the photos of you in the boat!

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Oh ya another wonderful day..
We love the pictures. sure glad you know who was found...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Anonymous said...

What a day! What an adventure! What a swimmer! Wow!

See ya!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Evfurrything Gus/Louie/Callie AND Joey pawed!

PeeEssWoo: YES, a virtual definition of khanine HOTNESS!

Petra said...

The pictures of you in the water and the boat are SO CUTE, but the last one is my favorite!

Paco....Milo and mom..Simona said...

Brothers.....what a great time you had!!!!!!!!!!!
YEPPYYYYYYYYYYYY....we're sooooooooooo happy for you!!!! much we would were with you!!!
SUREEEE!!!!!if were there, we would have helped you with your fishy're very very very important for us!!!!
we loved all your pictures but the one where you're on the boat with your family to explore the middle of the sea is GREATTTTT!!!!What a super experience!!!!!!!We never went on a boat....Ohhhhhhhhhh...can we go with you on it next time dear brothers?????but you should calm us ok???
And we loved a lot another photo of you.....the last where you're sleeping with both look sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute....we love sleep embraced to mommy or daddy.....
can we sleep embraced to you???? we wish live near you!!!!
have a special weekend with all your family!!!!
Mwah mwah mwah mwah!!!!!

Asta said...

Deaw Aki and Poopie
What a heavenly place..All that swimming and then on a boat wif capt. Spawwow! and then buwgews suwe must make fow bootiful dweaming aftew.
Thank you fow shawing
smoochie kisses

Charlie said...

Wowee Aki! I loved your adventure in Ginatilan. I wish I could go there also.

Nice pictures btw.


Pipa said...

aki, such a boootiful vacation, such a nice history, such lovely pictures! i always end up smiling when I visit you!

You are really handsome in that boat picture!



Lorenza said...

Hi, Aki!
I loved all your pictures!
Nice time swimming. Having a burger. Sleeping like an angel! Wow!
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...

Wow all that great fun AND a burger too! What a great day!!

Huskee and Hershey said...

Ummm... why do I get a nagging feeling that you were the 'escapee', Aki? Poopie seems like too well-behaved for this.. LOL!! But hey, glad you had fun exlporing on your own.. though please don't do that again cos what if a handsome boy like you gets dog-napped?!! **heaven forbid**

Wow.. your Capn' Jack looks friendlier than the pirates I have seen on TV.. and he even took you out on a boat ride?!! How cool! You are the luckiest boy Aki...


Maggie and Mitch said...

What a wonderful time you had and it ended with hamburgers! What could possibly be better?!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Amber-Mae said...

Wow, looks like you had a wonderful time at the beach! Looks pretty rocky. Must be careful so that your feet or toe won't get injured walking on them especially in the water. Oh yeah, the McD Burgers are the BEST! We always get plain beef burgers each. Quite often actually coz Mommy likes to eat McD all the time. Hehehe! The last picture is just priceless.

Solid Gold Dancer + Puppies

Thor said...

You sure had a pawsome time in the beach! Ginatilan is beautiful! Looks like you had lots of fun swimming, playing, and even going for a boat rides in the middle of the sea! You definitely are a luck doggie Aki!
Love your pictures!


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Aki and Poopie,
I enjoyed reading your get away trip, so relaxing, adventurous and filled with thrilling actions by " you-know-who".
Phillipines has plenty of coastlines, and this beach is a breathtaking one.
Love ya

Raising Addie said...

Oh Aki we just know you gave you family a scare exploring like that! But we can't image why anyone would ever think that you would harm them and to be afraid of you. You are the sweetest dog we know!

Riding in that boat must have been soooo very cool! We LOVE that picture of you standing up and looking over the water!

Where was poopie at... we are guessing hiding in the room or something far away from the water.

We have not tried a McD' burger yet, but hope to one day. They sure look yummy!

Great snuggle pix! We are sooo happy that you had a wonderful trip!

Chasing my Tale...
Addie, Lucie, and Hailey