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December 8, 2008


Last night, we were disturbed by a lot of muffled sobs and little shrieks. Manong was in Bohol since Saturday AM and I am left with an all-female household.

Poopie and I decided to sneak towards the room of the woof woman to investigate on the cause of all the hullaballoo and found the demented one all scrunched up in her bed and leaking away.

“what’s wrong, manang?” Poopie inquired as she gathered herself beside the sobbing manang.

I too, propped my head on the bed spread and just stared at her.

The culprit--- a yellow energizer labrador named Marley...

After about 3 hours, at around a quarter past 12 midnight, she closed the massive wad of paper, patted dry the final ounces of dripping salty water off her face, unhooked my leash, called on Poopie and Me and gave the both of us a firm hug and a big fat kiss.

“I love you, Aki. I love you, Poopie.” She croaked. Her eyes leaking and her eye bags more profound.

“We love you too, manang” we managed to say almost in unison

Although, we never really got to say it, we knew that she knew what we were saying.

Poopie and I cuddled and snoozed off with manang’s hands dangling from her bed. Her hand clasped with mine.

We snoozed away, just as it should be. Me and Poopie all cuddled up beside our manang. We don’t know how long this will live on, but in her heart, and in our hearts, our bond will live on forever.


Manang’s note:

Sometimes, we tend to forget the importance of the friendship, love and devotion that our furfriends/ furkids bestow upon us.

I know a lot of you may have had read the book- Marley & Me already and this little review may come in a little late. No matter. I’ll just pour out my two cents and relay how much reading this had gripped me, moved me and managed to make my tear glands work overtime.

Reading about Marley made me think back at the antics that Aki does. In many ways, I find that John Grogan was actually describing Aki and so I found myself warped inside the book- laughing until my side aches and bawling like a baby during the last 4-5 chapters of the book.

I am happy to share that the movie version will be showing very very soon. As a matter of fact, it will hit the movie screens on December 25, 2008 in the US.
We hope all you pups will catch this one. I am especially excited to see how the movie plays out (I hope they do justice to the book- paws… er.. fingers crossed)

To my furbrothers and sisters- Aki, Poopie, Syxx, Jhudora, Cadness, Y.Y., 750, Askalon, Chippy, Batista, Sha-sha, Kim Tzih, Rucci, Prof. Heinz, Ninorta, Cao Cao and Guan Long and to all my beloved dogs in the Rainbow Bridge, I love all of you so much and I am so blessed to have all of you in my life.

Special thanks to The Animal Doctor's Secretary for letting me know about this book.


Raising Addie said...

I have heard this was a good book.

How sad is it? I don't like things that are too sad. Touching is ok.

Staci (Addie's mom)

Bobby said...

Hi, We do not like sad books or films. However you made John nearly fall of the chair laughing, he said he hopes Brenda gets a new home for Christmas too, Brenda is his wife Martha is the dog. Dont worry he gets our names mixed up and he said he has so many dogs come and go that he somtimes has to go through lots of names before he gets the right ones.

The FOUR Musketeers said...

This book is great but sad though ..
HEy you & Poopie look so cute sleeping together (:

Almighty King King said...

hi there!! my mummy also cry after reading this book and also grab me towards her after reading while i am trying to get some sleep.. we poor pups do have a hard life with unpredictable hooman emotions.. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

We have an 11 year old shar pei. Scared about the age. You should be a lab model. You have such a cute nose and beauthiful eyes. And lovely personality.

Chow Chow said...

My mummy read the book too and she loved it. Of course, she shed tears during the last few chapters of the book. I think the book taught her to be more patient with me. This book is good stuff and all doggy parents should read it!

The Animal Doctor said...

hi Aki's Manang, I cant wait for the movie to hit the nearest theater!

Addie's Mom, one thing I appreciate about the book is that its not maudlin or sentimental. Its written in a light and comical manner. Yes it will make you cry ( im sorry to say this) but all in all, it was a celebration of Marley's life. If you cant read the book, Im sure you'll enjoy the movie. :)

Lorenza said...

Holly, a DWB friend, sent this book to my mom the last year. My mom really enjoyed it. She laughed, and she cried too!
We can't wait to see the movie!
Kisses and hugs

Cocoa the Beagle said...

Mum don't dare to read 'Marley & Me' because she is sure that she'll cry buckets! She says maybe next time when we make her angry enough then she'll try to read the book LOL!

Cocoa and Barley

Maggie and Mitch said...

Boo lent us this book several months ago and our mom had the same reaction - lots of tears and then lots of tight hugs! We can't wait to see the movie!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said...

My Mommy read that book a few years ago, before she even know about me! She loved it, I always hear her tell people that she went through a whole box of tissues

Her and my Daddy are going to see the movie Christmas weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Aki! I was wondering if you could use the Email Kylie button on my blog and send me your address? Thanks!


Petra said...

We haven't read the book but hope to see this movie when it comes out at Christmas!

Ruby said...

My mom had the same reaction to this book. Laughter and a lot of tears. She couldn't put the book down and read it until finished. I think my mom will wail to see the movie when it comes out on video. She doesn't want to bawl in public.
Love Ruby

Joe Stains said...

Mom is scared to read that book because she knows she will just cry and cry.