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December 18, 2008

Our 1st Christmas Pawty

Hellow there pups and kitties!

Finally, my Secretary decided to follow orders and post about something interesting than their ho-hum Christmas parties… yay! It was such an awful awful non-doggie post and I am mortified that she even thought about posting it alongside my (and Poopie’s) cool bloggie topics.

Okay, nuf barking… allow me to present to all of you Aki and Poopie’s First Christmas Pawty…

But before that, just a quick detour.

Last Tuesday manang Tin and R’ and the rest of the Tuesday Pasta Group held a mini party at The Ilonggo House. Unfortunately, when dinner was served, we already ate *sulk*. BUT… my hoomans didn’t forget about us and bought us this…

Oh my dog! Is that…?

Oh man, I just LOVE Ice cream....

Guess who else loves ice cream...

*cough cough*

Once again and without further adieu…here is the most exciting event of the year…

Aki & Poopie’s First Christmas Pawty!

~ all I want for Christmas is peace…~

Manang was spewing about preparing an elaborate dinner consisting of various dishes, but then she left her office quite late and decided to spruce up our dindin a bit…

Kibbles with Tuna, Grilled Pork and Cheese...

And the verdict?
Your highness, it is yummy.

And for desert- sweet fluffy cakes

After finishing our meal, our hoomans surprised with a plastic bag…


What is this manang?
Is it really for me?

Opening our first pressie…

Posing with MY squeak alien thingie…
Manong Aki, we’re supposed to share…

What’s this?
Another pressie?

I was a little intrigued with the squeak toy that I got distracted while opening the second pressie *grin*

Lookie, Poopie.
We have a third pressie!

Opening our final pressie…

Thanks so much manong, manang, I love them all!

Posing with OUR toys.
(manang, said Christmas is about SHARING)

Is Christmas fun or what?
Thanks for dropping by!

Hope all of you have a blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!
Feliz Navidad!
Meri Kurisimasu!

Of course, Christmas is really about celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. In the spirit of this occasion, families and friends get together to celebrate this momentous occasion. It is a time for spreading love, obtaining and giving forgiveness, celebrating togetherness, and sharing our blessings with people we love and those who have less in life.


The FOUR Musketeers said...

Looks like you have so much fun in the party ! :D

the 4 Bs said...

hi Aki, your christmas party looks wonderful. we just love your dinner. we sure wish we could have joined you. you got some nice pressies too.


Lacy said...

w00f's pups, wow, christmas comed early to u pups, u musta really been good..dindin looks delish..

b safe,

Anonymous said...

Oh my dogness! What a party! I hope Santa Paws brings you even more toys!

You are so cute opening your pressies! I always like to eat the paper, you did much better at not doing that!


Thor said...

Hi Aki and Poopie!
What a wonderful Christmas Pawty you had! Your food looked yummilicious! Your new toys are very cool! Thanks for sharing to us! I would love to be there to celebrate with you! Happy Holidays!
You got ice cream?! wow!

Love and licks

Anonymous said...

Wow your manong and manang love you! You are so cute AKI.

The Animal Doctor said...

wow, we like your food guys! we hope we will have something like that on our christmas pawty this saturday.

we mailed you our gifts in bacolod!

moy, trudis, jappy

Lorenza said...

Hi, Aki!
You are soooo good opening presents!
Glad you had a great time at your Christmas party!
Ice cream!!! Yummy!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Hero said...

Hi, Aki and Poopie! I found your blog on DWB and had to check your blog out, because my hoomans are from the Philippines too! They've been to Cebu a few times and my mom went to Bohol once and had the greatest time there. She said that she got to take a boat ride on a big green river and saw teeny tiny primates with eyes as huge as saucers. I don't believe that last bit, but she keeps insisting that she really did see them.

It looks like you had one awesome party! Ice cream is one of my favorite treats.

Raising Addie said...

Aki you are an expert at opening presents! I have taken good notes so I am ready for Christmas morning!

That ice cream looked delicious!! I hope I get a treat that sweet on Christmas!

Thank you for sharing your party with us! We hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas full of love!


Chow Chow said...

That's a great party - good food and lots of presents!

Maggie and Mitch said...

OMG, ice cream! What a fabulous pawty and what awesome pressies!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Bobby said...


Joe Stains said...

Looks like a great Christmas party!!

Rhonda said...

That is our feed guys!!