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December 31, 2008

Welcoming the New Year

Manang met up with some highschool and college friends yesterday and she got shocking news when she chanced upon manang R' in the mall.

We learned that manong Aki had been a naughty little boy back in Cebu quite recently. His nanny reported yesterday that he destroyed his harness (which means we’ll need a new one in 2009), his food bowl and his water bowl. I don’t blame him really, my brother said he’s rather bored there- not being able to sleep inside the house and play with the other dogs and all. There is no need for you pups to worry though, he is getting several minutes of play everyday but probably missed the amount of belly rubs and hugs that our hoomans give him. On the bright side, manang tin and manang R’ will be going back to Cebu earlier, which means that he will be back to his normal routine on Saturday — yay!

We also forgot to mention that we i.e. manong Aki, myself and the rest of the Hugdogs received lots of pressies from The Animal Doctor, Mommy Lilli and their gorgeous pups and kitty: Trudis, Moymoy, Jappy, Scarlet and Pussy.

Mommy Lilli and the Animal Doctor’s gifts for my brothers and sisters in Bacolod (and what an opportune time to be getting loads of Banjo soap! Now, this is what I call impeccable timing and a furfect present! *grateful grin*)

gorgeous Jappy’s gift to moi and the dashing Moymoy’s gift to manang…
a closer look at my gifts... manang's is the dog shampoo bar...

and sweet Trudis’ gift to manong Aki…

We’ll we don’t really know what it is cos’ manang refused to let me open the pressie and just tell manong Aki about it. I guess we’ll just have to wait on Sunday to see what it is. (manang: of course, we want Aki to be the one to open his pressie seeing how much he loves ‘unwrapping’ them)


And to all those who may have sent us pressies or cards in Cebu, a big thank you! We will be getting them on Monday and will post about it as soon as we can.

Today is New Year’s Eve here in the Philippines. My hoomans capped the evening by giving me and my brother Batista a bath. Manang says that if I welcome the year fresh and clean, I would be just as squeaky clean throughout the year. I’m not so sure about that but it doesn’t hurt a bit to believe.

As most new years go, manang said that manong Aki and I should come up with resolutions for 2009, so I communicated with him telepathically and asked him what his new year’s resolution would be…

Aki’s Resolutions:
1. Refrain from chewing furniture, shoes and all other hooman property
2. Eradicate ‘accidents’ inside the house- esp. during mornings (I have the tendency to make a ‘mess’ if the hoomans don’t give me attention in my quest to win the coveted Stain Award *naughty grin*)
3. Finally do a big boy peepee
4. Minimize shedding fur on manong’s bed
5. Stop playing rough with Poopie (and chewing her pillow)
6. Devise new ways to get my hoomans to bring me to the beach often

Poopie’s Resolutions:

1. Quit being picky with food

2. Quit rummaging through Gring Gring/Peachy/Choy Choy’s food bowls

3. Quit running out of the house without a leash

4. Learn to take in vitamins without much of a fuss

5. Internalize the real meaning of ‘NO’
6. Retain fresh newly bathe scent (so as to avoid getting more baths)

Now that we have listed down our New Year's Resolutions we are now all set for 2009!

Cheers for a wonderful 2008- for the tears and triumphs and for meeting new friends, celebrating old friends and finding future friends. We are forever thankful and blessed! Being part of the DWB community and meeting people like our Mommy Lilli and The Animal Doctor is indeed one of the highlights of our year.

May everypup (and your hoomans) be blessed with good health, endless outpour of love and happiness, lots of tummy rubs, kisses, toys and treats and longer life. Thank you so much for the love and friendship.


~ Jointly written from the paws of the Pooper Scooper and Achilles the Chinese Labrador ~

December 29, 2008


Hello there puppies... Aki and Poopie's manang here.

First off, we are very sorry for not being able to blog as often as we promised. When Poopie and I travelled home (Bacolod City), we were very hyped and wanted to give each and every pup a chance to blog. If Aki failed to mention before, we have 15 more dogs living with my parents and we wanted at least each of them to be able to share their stories.

Unfortunately, one bad thing came after the other. First, internet connection here is really bad and it is taking us minutes just to open your bloggies, thus Poopie had to contend herself with just reading your posts and not leave a comment.. :((

Secondly and more importantly, we were surprised to learn that a mange outbreak took place and sadly affected most of the dogs. One could just imagine dealing with 15 healthy dogs.. but dogs with mange?

If anything, we are relieved that only 3 are severly affected- Jhudora our senior Aspin dog (mutt) and her daughter Cadness and Guan Long our male chowchow. Our other senior dog, just recovered from mange and we are striving to isolate the source.

Yesterday, we decided to shave off all of Guan Long's fur in order to better treat the infected areas. We also brought him to the vet this morning since he had the worst mange infestation. Thankfully, the vet informed that he is negative with sarcoptic mange and just need deligent treatment. He was given Ivomec and ADE shots and will be taking in itch relievers alongside other vitamins like Vit. E and Ascorbic Acid. Aki's manong3 and manong2 i.e. my brothers will bring him back after 2 weeks for a follow-up check-up.

Tomorrow, we will be busy building more doggie fences to separate the other dogs from the unaffected ones. We might consider shaving off the fur of all the other furry dogs (Prof. Heinz and Caocao) to check for hidden mange too.

I am a little perturbed at this occurence because we never had mange infestations before. We don't know exactly what the catalyst for this was and we hope that by isolating each of the dogs we can put an end to this. Poopie and I have approximately 6 more days before our vacation ends and we have to work doubly hard to make substantial improvements here.

We miss all of you and we are wishing and each and everyone of our doggie friends a Blessed 2009 filled with good health, happiness, tranquility and love.

oh! News from Cebu-- Aki is doing fine with his nanny. Kuya Emer's family adores him and the kids and their dad accompanies him to do his 'business' everday. He is also getting lots of love from the (human) ladies so we are at least happy for that piece of good news.

December 24, 2008

The Day Before Christmas

Hellow there Pups and Kitties! It’s me- The Pooper Scooper reporting live from Bacolod City…

We apologize for not being able to visit your bloggies and give updates on our adventures here. We blame it all on poor internet connection *sob*… Thankfully, the internet fairy looked kindly upon us since it’s the day before Christmas and granted us with faster DSL connection so we can visit everyone and share our tails’ tales.

Here are some snippets of our last 3 days in Bacolod City...

We travelled to Bacolod City via bus and a boat from 4:30AM to 1:30 PM. The trip was a little tiring but it was a good thing that it wasn’t too hot. While aboard the boat manong and manang brought me up to the passenger area and allowed to catch some fresh ocean breeze.

Are we there yet?

We arrived at manang’s house at around 2PM and we were greeted by a menagerie of puppies. I was a little intimidated at first because I never met 3 of them- my brothers Guan Long and Ninorta and sister Caocao and seriously thought they would drive me out of the house with my tailed tucked between my legs. In the end, I was a happy dog. I met up with some of my best friends (before I met manong Aki) and am more than happy to be spending the next 14 days with them again.

Hello there Kim, care to take a picture with me?

Me and my favorite sister Kim Tzih the shih-tzu princess

Oh yeah, now the odds are even.
No more over-sized Labrador puppy to bully yours truly.. *grin*

Playing with sister Kim Tzih…

Kim Tzih acting like the lazy dog that she is.
manang’s family thinks she is a princess- yeah right.
And I am their Queen Tzu.. *evil Poopie laughter here*

Hey, what’s with the insane grumbling?

Could it be a monster?

Oh.. it’s Batista a.k.a Federico Suave the mini pinschrapist… BOL..
He is currently serving jail time and was just on parole when this ‘incident’ happened.

While somewhere not so far, a deranged chow, who we only call as Cao Cao was enjoying their Christmas gift.
She is such a big baby...

but aren't we all?
Afterall, Christmas is not just for the adults- it is also for us puppies.

Come to think of it, the house seemed peaceful in the last 3 days that we are here. Maybe all dogs in the Runt House were on their best behavior. Afterall, we still have 24 hours before Christmas and everypup is striving to be in santa paws list.

As for me, nothing could be better. I'm already so blessed to be with my family on Christmas.

Thank you Santa Paws for keeping everyone safe.
Please send another pair of angels to watch over my brother Aki in Cebu.

We love you manong Aki,
Merry Christmas!

and Merry Christmas Everypup!

~ from the paws of the Pooper Scooper~

December 20, 2008

Aki's Last Post for 2008...

hey pups! this time, Poopie and I will be posting. So here is our pawsonal account of the day's events...

....from the Paws of Aki....

During the last two weeks Poopie and I received lots of cards from our friends. Apparently the mail man accumulates all cards heading for one direction and drops them off altogether at one go.

Allow me to thank the wonderful puppies who sent us christmas cards from all over the world. Indeed, the bonds of friendship makes the world a smaller place.

thank you so much!!!


Maggie and Mitch


Charlie & Opy
Collie, Beethoven & Joe
Lady, Zena, Cody & Joyce
Scottie, Kenji & Lady
Sweepy, Bogart and Sumo

We don’t know if we will be receiving more but I guess we’ll have to check them by January 5 of next year, yet.

Why, you say? Because manang, manong and Poopie will be going to Bacolod tonight (or tomorrow AM) for a 2-week christmas vacation.

As for me, I will be staying with Kuya Emer for the rest of the year and with that I leave you with this...


...from the paws of the Pooper Scooper...

Since manong Aki is still high from all the Christmas festivities, let me give you an account of this day's events.

December 20, 2008

We woke up at around 7 AM this morning and arranged to bring manong Aki to his temporary daycare. We were both so happy at first since we didn’t have any idea where we were going. After several minutes, we found out that our destination was not the beach, but a quaint house with 5 lively mini dachshunds.

Kuya Emer’s relatives were kind enough to watch over manong Aki while we were away. Everyone in the Ilonggo House came to send him off- manang, manong, manang Tin, manang R’ and his favorite sister- me.

We sent him his bag of doggie meal, all his vitamins and food supplement, toys, a bag of treats, harness, his dog cage and a letter…

Thank you so much for this very big favor. Aki is really very special to us and he is a very good boy with certain needs.

To assist you in caring for him we have come up with a list of Things to Remember:

1. Aki eats 2x a day (morning and evening)- please feed him 2 cups per meal only.
2. He needs water from time to time. Please give him at least 1 bowl of water after meals (AM and PM)
3. He normally defecate (poo) before eating in the AM and PM. Please remember that he will not poo/pee inside his cage.
4. Please DO NOT FEED him the following:
x Grapes, apples or any fruit
x Anything with Chocolate
x Crustaceans i.e. crab, shrimp, etc.
x Alcoholic drinks, i.e. beer, wine, etc.
5. He is only allowed to eat HIS DOG FOOD/ TREATS, BEEF, CHICKEN (except chicken bones), PORK, BOILED EGGS, CHEESE and PLAIN BREAD
6. On Christmas, Please give him 1 can of Dog Food and another can on New Year’s Day.
7. Please keep him inside the cage on New Year’s Eve.
8. Please keep him away from fireworks, rat pee, rats, trash can as this may be or may contain poisonous components that may be harmful.
9. If possible, allow him to have exercise/ play at least 30 minutes in a day.
10. Please give him 1 tablet of PET TABS, 1 mL of COAT SHINE after dinner.
11. If you have any questions to ask please feel free to text me through 09********* or 09*********.

Again, thank you very very much for this big favor. We are eternally grateful for your kindness.


I said goodbye to manong Aki this AM. I told him to be a good boy and try not to cry too much. I know he will miss us, and I am not ashamed to admit that I miss him too. Of course, we will see each other next year. But still, it is Christmas and it will be ten days. Many thoughts keep swimming in my head.

"How is my manong Aki?"
"Is he missing me as much as I am missing him?"

Last night when manang came from the office, she hugged him and kissed him too many times that I lost count. Manong did too. And as they kissed and hugged him they said

If you ever miss us or feel lonely or scared, please remember that we are always thinking of you and that we love you. Reminisce the comfort of our hugs and our kisses since we cant give it to you everyday for the next 10 days. We hope that all these kisses and hugs would last by then.

I am a sap. I am a girlie-girl. Most of all, I am a sister who loves my manong Aki and misses him so much already.

Later, manang said they will give me a bath and we shall take a Pet Taxi towards Bacolod. Now, I don’t know how baths are related to anything but is it really necessary?

Whatever, manang. The only thing I’m looking forward to in this trip is seeing my brothers and sisters in Bacolod City.

Happy Holidays everyone!

December 18, 2008

Our 1st Christmas Pawty

Hellow there pups and kitties!

Finally, my Secretary decided to follow orders and post about something interesting than their ho-hum Christmas parties… yay! It was such an awful awful non-doggie post and I am mortified that she even thought about posting it alongside my (and Poopie’s) cool bloggie topics.

Okay, nuf barking… allow me to present to all of you Aki and Poopie’s First Christmas Pawty…

But before that, just a quick detour.

Last Tuesday manang Tin and R’ and the rest of the Tuesday Pasta Group held a mini party at The Ilonggo House. Unfortunately, when dinner was served, we already ate *sulk*. BUT… my hoomans didn’t forget about us and bought us this…

Oh my dog! Is that…?

Oh man, I just LOVE Ice cream....

Guess who else loves ice cream...

*cough cough*

Once again and without further adieu…here is the most exciting event of the year…

Aki & Poopie’s First Christmas Pawty!

~ all I want for Christmas is peace…~

Manang was spewing about preparing an elaborate dinner consisting of various dishes, but then she left her office quite late and decided to spruce up our dindin a bit…

Kibbles with Tuna, Grilled Pork and Cheese...

And the verdict?
Your highness, it is yummy.

And for desert- sweet fluffy cakes

After finishing our meal, our hoomans surprised with a plastic bag…


What is this manang?
Is it really for me?

Opening our first pressie…

Posing with MY squeak alien thingie…
Manong Aki, we’re supposed to share…

What’s this?
Another pressie?

I was a little intrigued with the squeak toy that I got distracted while opening the second pressie *grin*

Lookie, Poopie.
We have a third pressie!

Opening our final pressie…

Thanks so much manong, manang, I love them all!

Posing with OUR toys.
(manang, said Christmas is about SHARING)

Is Christmas fun or what?
Thanks for dropping by!

Hope all of you have a blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!
Feliz Navidad!
Meri Kurisimasu!

Of course, Christmas is really about celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. In the spirit of this occasion, families and friends get together to celebrate this momentous occasion. It is a time for spreading love, obtaining and giving forgiveness, celebrating togetherness, and sharing our blessings with people we love and those who have less in life.

December 16, 2008

Christmas Parties

Hellow pups! Finally, the Pooper Scooper has reported (again!)

As earlier told by my assistant *proud* Aki the Chinese Labrador, we are giving manang a.k.a our woof woman Secretary an ultimatum to ‘deliver’ her secretarial services dutifully since she has been neglecting our bloggie for the past few days.

She promised daily posts for this week on account that this will be our last week for 2008 in Cebu City (manang, manong and I will go visit their parents and my other furbrothers and sisters in Bacolod City)

So, what really kept us busy last week?


First off -- Human Updates!

On manang’s Christmas Party (December 13, 2008) - well, as usual, she DID NOT win anything. Hehe… although she was happy that the prizes they bought made a lot of people happy… The good thing was their department won 2nd place in the Christmas Presentation, so at least she was not exactly a complete loser on that day.

The winning group (not her department :P )

Rudolph-- from the winning group presentation

Posing with Santa Claus (still of the winning group)

Lesson for that day—Transvestites lure good luck

Six out of eight of these girls.. erm… boy-girls won in the raffle. Wow! Next time, manang knows better and borrow some testosterone from me!

On manong’s Christmas Party (December 11, 2008) – unlike the unlucky woof woman, manong is always on the good side of lady luck. On their special Ericsson Sponsored Christmas Party he got the grand prize in the raffle and won this…

An Ericsson K-850 phone, not bad eh?

Ummmm… what is a cellular phone? Is it good for the teeth?

On manang R’ and Tin’s Christmas Party – they don’t have one yet (December 21, 2008). But manang says that their Tuesday Pasta Group will hold one at home later tonight… I hope there will be lots of pressies for me… *tail wagging*

This is Kuya Emer (Kuya is a Pilipino term for Brother, or manong in Bacolod vernacular). He will be manong Aki’s dog nanny for ten days while all the humans in the Ilonggo House and I go home to Bacolod for the Holidays.

Aki: I haven’t seen my doggy daycare yet, but I sure do hope that the puppies there will like me.

Finally—moi, moi and moi!

Manang said that we will have a Christmas Party on Wednesday (December 17, 2008) since we can’t spend it with manong Aki *sob*. From what I gathered, we will have lots of food (for us! Yay!) and something really special… hmmm… I don’t know what that is, but I am sure excited.

Until then, pups! See you in the next Pooper Scooper Report!

December 15, 2008

Bath Time!

Now, we all know that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. But, since I don't have any memories of Christmas to speak of yet, here is my favorite time of the week -------

Oh man, is it a H-O-T Sunday or what?!
The floors are like coal embers, good thing we are up here.

Manong, I said, Isn't it a H-O-T Sunday, or what?
We are wilting here.

(manang: look at Poopie's hands. This is her 'please' pose)

Woofy! And off I go!

Okay, this is crucial.
Step 1: Soap?

I am currently using Banjo soap, a herbal soap made out of madre de cacao which manang bought from my Mommy Lilli (of the Animal Doctor). This is very good for sensitive skin such as mine because of the all-natural effects of the madre de cacao plant.

Okay, for the piece de resistance.
Step 2: Water? Check!

Step 3: Soap and Lather the dog.

Make sure you cover all parts of the body

and I do mean ALL parts.. *wink*

Bath time, sure is fun.

The end result is a soap sudsy, slippery and happy dog.

Now, which pup wants to take a bath next?