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January 13, 2010

Aki's 2nd Birthday Pawty

I am so happy! Is it obvious?

Well, yesterday was such a special day for me for 4 reasons.

First: I started my first post for 2010 (woofy!) and got to visit some of my blogging buddies!
Second: Our lovebirds’ second egg hatched.
Third: It was my second birthday.
Fourth: I finally got one of my long time wish list staple!

Here are some snippets of yesterday’s mini celebration.

Ms. Khyra mentioned there should be khake, so I got to have a purple one on my birthday. How cool is that? I also wanted vanilla sundae but Manang said it was too cold for ice cream since it was raining ;(

I offer this to all of my puppy friends- cakes for all!

And of course, in almost all birthdays, it is customary to blow the candle and make a wish.

After eating, I was made to open all of my pressies- yay!!

Looks like Poopie wants to give my Fleecy rope a go as well... ;p

As for my red Patento Pet dog collar, It’s surely going to be my ultimate fashion statement this year, don’t you pups agree?
I also earned a pack of Zuke’s Jerky Naturals, which was unfortunately, not allowed to be given to me since I still had lots of treats in my doggie bin *sulks*

And of course, my ultimate favorite, my long time must-have…
An XL Kong Wubba!!!

Turning two sure is lots of fun! I can’t wait for my next birthday!!!

Thank you so much to all my friends who greeted me on my barkday, I love you all!!!

drooly kisses,


January 12, 2010

Lost and Found: Birthday Boy

My Speech teacher taught me before never to start a speech, or in this case, a post, with an apology, so allow me to first say a big woofy, furry, slobbery Thank You to every pup, hammie and kitty who wished us a Merry Christmas!! We are sorry for not being able to come up with a Christmas card on time because we were too busy (evidence below).

We promise to make it all up to you for your kindness and friendship somehow.

The year 2009 had not been too kind on us bloggie-wise so I made Manang promise to keep one very important New Year’s Resolution: To NOT neglect my bloggie and visit all our blogging friends at least twice a week. In relation, Poopie and I also made a resolution to continue to pester her to update our blog and visit our friends. :) I hope that would put and end to this dry blogging spell.

The last few months had been momentous, inspirational and heartbreaking for us.

We witnessed the joys of having one of our dearest friend, sweet Scarlet, finally raise the needed funds to realize her wheelchair dreams. Thanks to all of you who prayed, donated and spread the word, it will now be a matter of time before she will finally realize her lifelong dream to somehow live a normal pup’s life.

We (i.e. Poopie and the hoomans) witnessed a near breakdown when I got too busy trying to make a breakaway days before Christmas and gave my paws and leg a nasty cut. Manang and Manong felt so hopeless, having gone to their hometown already while I was left here at the care of my Veterinarian nanny.

We witnessed how fragile and uncertain life really is. How one day everything can seem perfect and seemingly endless and the next day, one is left with nothing but a series of whys, hows, whens and only an endless stream of precious memories. Within two days before and after the close of the year, we were involuntarily given two angels in the Rainbow Bridge.

Gen. Askalon
January 3, 2007 – December 30, 2009

Attorney 1
January 3, 2009

But just as there are sure sunsets in everyone’s lifetime, we always believe that brighter days are likewise sure to come. Though it will never erase nor heal the pain of the loss, time would make us more used to the pain and eventually, allow us to learn to live with it.

Because each day we witness little miracles. In a nutshell,

these are the healing of physical wounds and the ever growing bonds of love and friendship

The simple satisfaction of a little treat

The unexplainable joy derived from sharing our blessings

The joys of parenthood

And the conception of little miracles

And today, we are set to celebrate another day, another year. We are blessed with another opportunity to once again, be mad, laugh, cry and experience all these all over again.

Happy New Year everyone and

A Happy 2nd Birthday to me!!