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November 21, 2009

Please Make Life Better for Scarlet

This is Scarlet. She is roughly a one and a half year old Labrador Retriever just like me. She leads a happy contented life in the care of one of my favorite persons in the world- The Secretary and The Animal Doctor!

Unlike Poopie and myself though, Scarlet has a little secret. Those who had been to their bloggie know this already but for those of you who don’t allow me to tell you what little I know about this wonderful, beautiful puppy who owns one of the biggest heart I know!

Scarlet first came to the life of my Mommi Lilli- the Secretary about a year ago. By that time, she was not yet officially part of their family but a patient.

Scarlet’s case was a case of neglect. She started out with an injury after her leg got stuck in her cage’s matting. She was not immediately brought to the vet after then. Her ex-mom only brought her for a check-up at The Animal Doctor’s clinic after her legs already started to atrophy. It was a complicated case and it entailed a lot of expenses for her ex-parents. Realizing the gravity of Scarlet’s condition, her parents decided to just bring her home and let nature take its course.

It was at that time that an angel tapped The Secretary and told her to not give up on Scarlet. What started as a temporary agreement between The Secretary and Scarlet became a permanent set-up as the weeks go by. Scarlet’s ex-parents communicated less, paid even less and soon enough gathered enough sense and left her in the care of her new loving family.

At that time, only her hind legs were affected and she was still able to make full use of her fore arms. Despite this little piece of good news, Scarlet was already unable to do things that most of us enjoy doing- do zoomies, gallop like silly horses, wrestle with our peers, etc.

In the past year, Scarlet dealt with so many problems. She had been unable to move her bowel for so many months, her spinal cord had become deformed in the middle and there is a sort of mass just underneath the arc.

The Secretary, who was a lawyer by profession, took the role of an architect cum engineer and designed for her a wheelie. Unfortunately her forelimbs started to atrophy as well, making it more difficult for her to maneuver the equipment.

Scarlet was left with no choice but to move using her belly.

Despite all these, Scarlet never gave up. She lives her life as normally as she can.

She takes baths like most labs and loves every minute of it

She chews on her toys, treats and siblings…

She plays with her siblings in the only way she knew how

She even managed to go and meet with less fortunate stray dogs and share with them a warm, hearty meal for Christmas.

I would say that Scarlet lives her life with passion. She lives it as if she’s no different from any other dog in her family. She is a special dog who came to live with The Secretary because of her special needs. And as I think about it more, I realized that that’s what she really is. In one word, Scarlet is indeed “Special”.

A few weeks back, The Secretary shared with us an exciting news. A wonderful lady from an organization called Labrador Life Line (LLL) had volunteered to bring Scarlet’s plea and ask LLL to give it a kinder look. With the organization’s help, they would be able to get a full quad cart for Scarlet and finally allow her to live a more normal life.

The full quad cart would however cost between US$800 – US$1,300, exclusive of shipping charges since the cart would be built in the U.S. and shipped to the Philippines. As of November 17, 2009, LLL had approved US$500 for Scarlet’s quad. That leaves her with US$800 more to raise in order to afford a complete set of working legs.

Considering the state of the ‘conomy these days, The Secretary and The Animal Doctor have proposed to cover all kind donations with free medical services to less fortunate dogs in the Philippines:
* 50$ neuter of male cat

* 100$- spay of female cat, neuter of male dog
* 200$ spay of female dog.

At the end of our fund raising campaign, we will conduct a one day feeding of dogs and cats in Brgy. Sto Tomas, Pasig City which was badly hit by the recent flood. We are sure that the animals would enjoy a fresh home cooked meal of rice and assorted meat.

We know the importance and value of every single penny and centavo nowadays. We too, are experiencing the adverse effects of the dwindling ‘conomy.

We posted this to take a chance and shamelessly appeal to those who have a few more pennies to spare. Please take time to visit Scarlet here.

To quote our beautiful friend,

Dear God in Dog Heaven,

Please, pretty please make her dreams of a wheelchair come true.

thank you all in advance,

Aki and Poopie

November 11, 2009