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March 31, 2009

March 30, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

Last Saturday, the world celebrated the importance of Mother Earth by turning off the lights for an hour starting 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM. By doing this, we are helping save countless numbers of kilowatt hours in energy consumption.

As dogs, we don’t really know much about all these electricity stuff, but we do know that if we save on energy generation, we also save on energy consumption and ultimately, the use of our natural resources, which are key and material in the generation of power and electricity.

In unison, the hoomans joined in the celebration of Earth Hour last Saturday. At exactly 8:30 PM, all lights were turned off and so, they had an hour-long romantic candlelit dinner. Poopie and I stayed behind and eased our selves whilst admiring the prominence of the moon as it shone proudly in the sky.

But before we celebrated Earth Hour, we celebrated LIFE.

Remember our friend Peachy? That beautiful dark brown dachshund living with our landlady in our apartment compound?

Peachy, Choychoy and Gring Gring (all residents of our compound) were my first furfriends. They were already there when we first moved and had been my playmates before Poopie came to live with us.

Sometime last year, Peachy gave birth to 5 beautiful dachshund puppies. We never got to see the puppies though because when the hoomans returned from work, they were told that she decided to “let go” of her babies.

That was more than 6 months ago. A few months back, she had her 2nd ‘heat’ (since our stay in The Ilonggo House, at least) and you can just imagine the level of insanity, not to mention, the noise, surrounding our compound.

Needless to say, a few months after, we found Peachy to be “shapelier” than usual.

Her hooman, Ms. Dams, would often bring her out in the morning before manang leaves for work. She would be left tied to a tree while Ms. Dams tidies up the patio of their house. This had been part of their routine for the last 2 months. Meanwhile, Peachy’s tummy grew rounder and rounder.

Manang and manong had a talk last Friday night over the circumstances surrounding Peachy. Out of nowhere, manang remarked that under her present condition, Peachy would end up giving birth in that tree, outside of our compound.

True enough, when Poopie and I went for our daily “business” in the morning, Ms. Dams and some neighbors were surrounding the very tree were Peachy was left in every morning. She had given birth to 1 very special black puppy. It had a really short and stumpy tail and a deformed nose and snout.

Poopie and I suggested to Ms. Dams to take Peachy inside the house because more puppies might come out. Leaving her to give birth outside would expose her to a lot of risks and threats. Thankfully, the hoomans headed our barks and brought her in.

We headed hurriedly towards our house and licked manong, yipping and yapping about the good news at the same time. By the time we came back to check on Peachy, she had already given birth to 2 more puppies. I suggested to manong that we make a sort of stable for her, just so as to give her babies a more comfortable place to stay in.

Super Manong did just that and came up with a makeshift birthing den out of this old box.

And just when we thought all was over and done with, we all witnesses, first hand, an actual birth.

Peachy gave birth to her 5th puppy right before our very eyes. It was graphic yet truly amazing to witness. Poopie fainted. She swore to keep her chastity belt intact for the rest of her young, adult and old Jack-tzu life.

All five puppies were black. It is still far too early to say, what they will look like when they get older. But the million dollar question remains…

Just Who Is Your Daddy?

A. A sexy gentlecat named Gring Gring
B. A devilishly good looking macho dog named Choychoy

C. An unidentified HOT Hunky yellow Labrador

March 24, 2009

The Pooper Scooper's First Ever Birthday Pawty (Part 2)

After the boys had taken the edge coaster, it was now our turn to do the skywalk. We were supposed to go around the ledge of the 38th floor of the building with only a harness to secure us.

We were further grouped into 2 subgroups because only a maximum of 8 were allowed per ‘walk’. The first group was- I, Barley, Trudis, Scarlet, Sweepy, Addie and the Mop.

Barley was the first one to try out the skywalk. The poor boy made the biggest mistake of looking down during his first steps, making him a little nauseous just looking at the distance of the ledge from the ground.

As he was about to inch further, darebeagle Cocoa, galloped into the ledge without a safety harness and unauthorized. The safety crew had to rush towards him and shoo him inside before he starts flying downwards to the ground.

Barley was already thinking of the perfect explanation to give his mum should the tri-colored darebeagle end up with broken limbs on their way back to Singapore.

I came in next. I maybe wussed out a bit and was actually a little uncomfortable to do any zany poses…

It didn’t help that I had this stuck to my little bee-hind

Trudis and the very brave Scarlet came after. Moymoy and Jappy were not around because they had to watch over the clinic while Mommi Lilli was not around because she had to go to the supplier to have her gift for Aki replaced.

He alleged that the bowl was defective and had a certain self-destructing button to it.

Next was Addie. She had seemingly recovered from her jetlag and was more than raring to bungee jump from the building.

Sweepy didn’t seem to mind the height at all. I guess it was all too common for him, being a superdog and all. He even managed to meditate in the middle of the walk.

The Mop came in next, all dolled up and looking really erm.. pretty. He had been muttering about John not being able to pack his fur conditioner, making his hair look more unruly than usual.

Bobby told him to remove the silly comb because he looks like a sissy and that there is no way he is going to sit beside him on the plane back. The Mop said that Bobby was just envious cos he wouldn’t look as good with the ‘thing’ stuck to his head.

Hershey surprised us with her limberness and did an overextended one leg stretch. She went as far as boasting that, unknown to most people, including her older brother Huskee, she was actually a yoga enthusiast and a belly dancing expert. *insert gagging sounds from Huskee here*

The next group was next- Dr. Dino, Paco, Milo, Bailey Schnoodle, Bobby, Scottie and Khyra.

The Golden boys- Milo, Paco and Dr. Dino saw Hershey’s antics and decided to top it off with a handstand from brother Paco.

Their group was much better than ours because everyone was glued to each other.

Perhaps, our batch was quite scared to be too close because Bobby told us not to trust the Mop too much because he might push us from the ledge and of course, loveable Huskee *insert gagging sounds from Hershey here* warned us not to get too close to Hershey cos she might chew our harnesses off.

To show how united they are, the group even managed to come up with this lovely pose. To top it off, Ms. Khyra indulged us with her fantabulous (and truly spectacular) Siberian split.

After receiving our certificates, we proceeded to the hotel, gorged on the lovely authentic Italian pasta brought by Paco and Milo and capped the night with some Haagen Dazs icecream from Maggie and Mitch…
And of course, with some serious beach side dancing from dusk to dawn.

March 23, 2009

The Pooper Scooper’s First Ever Birthday Pawty (Part 1)

I just turned one yesterday, March 22, 2008. In celebration, we have decided to do something different.

Last weekend, we had managed to mail all the airline tickets to all our puppy friends just before their scheduled flight on Saturday night. Trudis, Scarlet and Sweepy will all be coming in from Manila, together with the Goldens- Paco & Milo, Cody and Dr. Dino, Huskee and Hershey, Scottie, Maggie and Mitch, Addie, Bailey, Bobby and the Mop and Ms. Khyra, who will all travel from Singapore, Malaysia, Europe and the US, en route Manila.

Addie and Cody came solo because the Department of Foreign Affairs would not issue pawsports to Lucie and Joyce, because they were still underage. Meanwhile, Hershey managed to sneak in Huskee’s luggage and made her way to Cebu hassle-free.

We all went out of the airport and headed over to the Hilton aboard their pink jeepney-inspired service vehicle.

While having breakfast there, I told our guests that we will be checking in at the Hiltons for the night. Unfortunately, when we got to the place, the boys remarked that it was a little too pink for their taste.

So, we headed over to the Shangri-la where the surroundings was more ‘neutral’.

After relaxing a bit and having a drink of buko juice along the beach, I informed the girls to dress “comfortably” for our next activity.

We then proceeded to the Regency to experience the newly opened sky rides. We were told that it was the first in the world, and we were all excited to experience it.

We directly proceeded to the 38th floor and decided which ride to take. The edge coaster allowed only a total of eight persons per cart, so most of us girls opted for the sky walk.

BFFs Addie and Cody volunteered to do the edge coaster together, but when Addie realized that the cart will be tilted to a maximum of 50 deg., she begged off because she was still feeling a little queasy from the long trip from Texas.

Huskee also wanted to do the edge coaster but apart from the others, only Hershey was game enough to ride it. Upon seeing that Addie bailed off, Huskee immediately jumped at the chance to be paired with Cody. Prior experience with Hershey taught him that the poor girl had a bad case of chewing incidents and he was afraid that she would chew her way out of the safety lock, sending them hundreds of feet to the ground.

Aki was feeling a little macho, so he volunteered to take the edge coaster together with Cocoa. The ride operator said that he was too big to be paired with Cocoa so they should take different carts instead.

look, manang, no hands!

peace, yo!

Hey, Barley! Here comes Underdog!

Maggie and Mitchy decided to take the ride together. Maggie was the only girl brave enough to take the edge coaster *applause* there were even times when we thought we heard Mitch shrieking. He said it was only because a bug got stuck in his beard.

(to be continued...)

March 17, 2009

Pandora's Box

In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman without parents, who was made by Gods. Each god helped create her by giving her unique gifts. Zeus ordered Hephaestus to mould her out of Earth as part of the punishment of mankind for Prometheus' theft of the secret of fire, and all the gods joined in offering this "beautiful evil" seductive gifts. According to the myth, Pandora opened a jar, which is referred to in modern accounts, as "Pandora's box", releasing all the evils of mankind…

I should have listened closely when manang told me that story.

Oh what a wonderful carton box it was. I bet it is full of delicious grub.

“What? What are you doing inside, Poopie?”

The poor girl ran out screaming. If of fear or joy, I would never know. What could be inside the box? I’m so excited.

Oh, joy… I’m dreaming of treats, toys, even money… there ought to be. It makes perfect sense. Okay… I am hyped now. Time to open the dratted box…

"What? Where are the toys? the treats?!... and what is this shiny thing, manang?"

I shouldn’t have asked.

Pandora had better luck.
Next time, don’t bother coming home, woman.

a distressed,


(Now that the dreaded cone had already attached itself permanently unto Aki's neck, what new adventures await our hero? Next Episode: "The Adventures of Lampshade Boy and Diaper Girl")

March 16, 2009

Caveat to all Water Dogs: an Aki Update

Hello there puppies!

We are sorry to worry our friends with the lack of update in the past week. I am a little well now. We went to the vet last Monday PM to have a skin test, to which the results for mange turned out negative. A week before we also had a CBC done and the vet had also ruled out ehrlichiosis. The vet told me that I had some bacterial infection, which may have been developed from sleeping in moist areas.

As some of you may know, I sleep inside the room of my human brother whenever anyone is at home. But during times when he fails to close the doors, I make my way towards the nearest bathroom and sleep. My love for water often brings me to the laundry area or the bathroom, where there is a generous supply of water. .

During times when access to these places are unavailable, I simply topple over my water dish and lie on the puddle of water… i rest my voluminous tummy, arch my back and stretch. ahhhhhhh…. Refreshing.

In the midst of my reverie, the lady vet told me that I should, from now on, refrain from sleeping in moist areas because it is often where a lot of mean bacteria breed and thrive in. I should also make sure that I am toweled really dry after every bath. Drat.

What’s more, manang came back from Manila yesterday with a ‘box big enough to put Poopie in’ from the Animal Doctor’s clinic. She had been away since Tuesday and I am REALLY hoping to receive some goodies from her. I wagged my tail excitedly… I yelped and hopped.

“Goodies for me, manang?” I barked, drool oozing in exhilaration.

I rummaged through the box. My eyes widened. Oh no, you couldn’t…

(what’s in the box? Stay tuned tomorrow.)

drooly kisses,


March 9, 2009

Aki is sick

Yes, Aki is sick right now.

I never thought I’d blog about this but I guess I will be. Well, Aki is sick today. He has a nasty skin problem and he had already drew a lot of blood from his fore arms. He had been scratching rabidly all over the many areas of his body (i.e. leg, neck, arms, etc.) and I feel so sorry for him.

We made an emergency call to his Mommi Lilli (The Animal Doctor’s Secretary) last night because the clinics are closed. I sent her pictures of Aki thru MMS and the Animal Doctor suggested we give him an emergency dose of prednosine. This is supposed to help get rid of the itchies and as a result, give the nasty booboos a breather. We went to the nearest pharmacy at around 11 PM and luckily, we were able to buy the needed meds.

We will be bringing him to the vet this PM for a skin test to rule out mange and other infections. If he will be cleared, we may start treating him for the “hotspots”… all with the blessings of our vet and his Mommi Lilli, of course.

Worst part- I will be going to Manila either tomorrow or tonight for an important business meeting and might be back on Wednesday. I will then have to leave him in the care of his manong and other hooman guardians until I return. Also, for another matter at hand… How to deal with the wounds? Well, Aki is quite furry… so I guess we will have to shear him bald so we can get better access to the skin (and the wound)… :*(

We ask that you please pray that the skin test comes out normal and no further complications would come out during the treatment process.

Just so you wont forget how handsome our Aki boy is…



March 5, 2009

Incredibly Sweet

Hellow there puppies!

I hope you didn’t miss us too much… It’s me, Aki! I’ll only be doing a very quick post today because our Secretary is still indisposed.

We'd like to share this incredibly wonderful video , which was forwarded to us by manong. We feel simply bubbly and pleased inside just by watching it. Again, this is one of those wonderful displays of the touching bond between human and dog. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did!

(We’d like to say sorry in advance to Huskee’s mom, if ever she'd feel uncomfortable/sad while watching :( … we love you Mommi Shane! )

drooly kisses,


March 3, 2009

We will Remember You...

Dearest Lulu and Bogart

There are really no words to say.

We prayed for you.
We did.
But prayers are all of what we have.
We could have wished there was more.

We could have wished we could add more years to your love.
We are sorry he had to leave so soon.
He was a wonderful man, a brilliant husband and a loving father,
We are very sure of it.
And we hope that that memory will live on forever.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful family with us.

The days ahead are very trying.
And, as much as we want to,
we will never feel the same level of pain that you feel.
But please know that we are always here.

We do not know you personally,
But in this community of caring and selfless individuals,
We want you to know that you have our love and support.

Please come back soon Dearest Lulu and Bogart.
We will be waiting for you until you are ready to write.

Take care always

Joining you in prayer,

Aki, Poopie and their hooman sister