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July 16, 2009

We Officially Introduce...


Pee-ees: We noticed that our camera is getting grainier pictures/ videos, so please bear with us. Maybe in the coming weeks Aki and I will convince the hoomans to break our piggy banks so as to update the flashy box and get our existing one into retirement, until then, expect more grainy videos. We love you and have a happy weekend!!

July 10, 2009

2 Months in Rewind...

Hello dear puppies!!

No more room for apologies here. Instead, we’d like to give you glimpses of significant events that transpired in the last 2 months…

On June 12, our country’s Independence day, manang and manong went home to visit their families in Bacolod. Manang stayed there for three days and joined our sister, Yan Tzi and brother, General Askalon in the pre-Father’s Day dog show on the 14th.

Yan Tzi, managed to win 3rd prize in the puppy category, despite her limping in the middle of her walk.

While our brother Askalon, failed to win the Best in Breed for the American Bulldog breed. However, we would like to stress that he was, is and will always be the best American Bulldog in the world, and he is already a winner for us. We love you dear brother!!!

(manang: Just for the record, let me say that he was very very good and was very confident and it hurt me cos after hearing that he did not win, he sulked in one corner and laid his head low (which was very unusual of him). We all though he would win because the other dog was pulling, sitting and throwing tantrums the entire walk and Askalon had already reached the end of the ring whereas the otherdog was still at the start. Anyway, we all gave him lots of hugs, pats and kisses and of course, a big fluffy and meaty siopao as a reward for a job well done!)

Our (especially Poopie’s) favorite sister Kim Tzi joined our hooman brother and father in sending off manang to the airport.

We received 3 different parcels from our buddies Addie, Lucie and Hailey (2 parcels) and Chow Chow.

Thank you very much guys, we enjoyed all the lovely toys and yummy treats and the wonderful personalized photo frame with a photo of Poopie and myself (we don't have a picture of the said frame 'cos manang took it and is displaying it proudly in her office!).

We had a nice intimate dinner for 9 (Poopie, the mystery guest and myself, included) during manong’s birthday. My manangs (sisters) surprised him with lots of balloons and a birthday cake at exactly 12 MN of June 22. Too bad he was too tired from his business trip that he only managed to blow the candle and zonked out immediately thereafter.

The hoomans had pizza, pancit palabok, cake and carbonara fettuccini. Poopie and I were only allowed to eat pizza and palabok and some icing and marsh mallow from the smores chocolate cake, while our guest had the specialty of the night- Australian bird seed mix… yum!

Meet our newest family member…

Mr. George Kebab Mengnhani (pron. ‘mengnaanee’)

Our new brother/sister (gender is yet undetermined; the boy parrot develops a pronounced ring around his neck at the age of 1) George is a 5-month old Indian Ringneck Parrot. He arrived on June 20 in time for manong’s birthday.

He is a very weird creature who loves to feed on seeds and peck on tree barks. His dwelling place is full of tree branches and a miniature swing and he loves to make funny noises in the morning, just about the same hour that I rouse the hooman from bed.

Before we bid adieu for the day, allow us to share some more news:

Poopie got herself 2 new pretty collars (the other one was a brown leather collar with bones on it) and a too-small-to-fit shirt.

Meanwhile, the wretched hoomans decided to give me a makeover as…

A devilishly dashing cowdog

And as my mama dog (since we look almost the same!)

I think I heard them say this won’t be the end of it. Do I hear more humiliating dress-ups and background props? Don’t you hoomans have a life already?! Spare the dog. Just this once.

Until next time,


Pee-ees. We are sorry to have been absent in the last few weeks when our dear friends, aunt Shane's darling baby, Angel Chloe and the OP Pack's Dakota went to the Rainbow Bridge. Please know that even if we weren't able to leave a message in all your posts all the time, we are always thinking of you and praying for you. We hope the coming days will bring about acceptance and peace for you and your family. We love you all always.