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June 19, 2009

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

We are still experiencing major blog black out and we really feel bad apologizing week in and week out about our silence in the blogosphere. But that’s all of what we can do at this point.

The hoomans are as usual, boring themselves to death with work and it seems like its not going to end anytime soon. Manang (sister) is looking at almost 2(!) months of audit and is almost literally turning into a raccoon with the stress and pressure. Good thing she has us around if not, I am almost certain she would have burnt her little mind out decades ago!

This coming Monday, June 22, will be manong’s (brother) birthday and guess who will be coming to dinner?

Poopie and I are as baffled as all of you. "It" looks nowhere near any of our acquaintances. We can’t wait for Monday to arrive and unmask this mysterious character…

Until then, have a happy weekend!

Missing you all,

Aki (and Poopie too!)

June 3, 2009

We are working dogs

Hellow there everypup!

I’ts been a while since we last updated this bloggie… how long has it been? Years, is it? I can almost imagine some of Aki’s yellow fur turning white over eons and eons of DWB-less afternoons.

Apparently, over the last few weeks, the hoomans turned momentarily deaf to all our requests for a bloggie update (and no, I strongly believe it was not due to our incessant barking and whining!) and insisted that they just had too much work to do. Pawsonally, I think that if work is dragging them down, then there’s no use in putting up with it.

Work should be fun and not stressful, it should be something worth wagging your tail about, just like what Aki and I had been slaving over for the past weeks -- We were working for our food!

And just before any Homo sapien sneer and snort over our new found careers, let me walk you through what we have to endure to polish our crafts. Believe me, it is no different from practicing for the Olympics…

For this week, we were working for Baby Back Ribs…

The concept was easy- the puppy who gives the best performance earns for himself/herself a huge slab of juicy, meaty, saucy, yummy baby back ribs…

First, I started with a little leg stretching to make sure I don’t overstretch those leg muscles during my big performance.

Next was a little fore paw stretching. This should be done in repetitive circular motions with both paws clasped together in a pleading pose- my absolute super trick!

After all limbs are in good working condition, I worked on my altitude.

Normally, it ends here. But as a very competitive puppy, I decided to spend extra hours devising strategies to up my chances against an unfair opponent. Aki on the other hand was working on a hush-hush strategy, which I later on learned as the “begging face”.

I was up first. My heartbeat pounded so fast I can barely hear the yellow thing heckling me. See his face here? His face looks almost disfigured… hehehe…

The crowd cheered on as I started to gallop. My body quivered a bit. If this works, it would be like watching a furry Michael Jordan walking on air again…

The magic lasted for a minute but what a minute it was! And yes, although my dectrators would say I looked almost possessed in this picture, I am most proud to say that even David Blaine would not be able to accomplish such a feat. (I guarantee you, this picture is not photoshopped in any way)

“Oh, Poopie! You are the mistress of altitude!!” I heard the hooman sisters screaming. Needless to say, I was swollen with pride.

It had been an arduous journey, but I was almost convinced that by no time I would have those yummy back ribs in my little poopster paws… I can almost feel my tummy grumbling, aching for those slabs of juicy beef melting in my little mouth… and then a bubble was popped…

The shameless beast did the unthinkable. Levitate and the world is left in awe BUT make a disappearing act and everyone is left mystified, astounded and in a great state of shock (from lack of shame, I bet!)... The execution might be a little shabby but it accomplished its purpose.

In the end, the full-figured boy sat down even more full-figured than ever, while his little sister stood still in shock.