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February 26, 2009

True Colours Thursday: Brown

Sorry puppies, we are AGAIN, doing late post on our True Colours Thursday.

Yesterday’s color was Brown and so I rummaged through our house yet again and found these… (I have limited my browns into some interesting items and doggie/animal-related items)

ferrero rocher chocolates- heavenly, heavenly… heavenly… *drool*

Manong’s delectable breaded chicken fillet and home-made gravy

a champagne pearl belt...

naughty brother Aki running off with Adoy, the brown stuffie…

a brown raccoon coin purse (my manang loves raccoons, apart from dogs… or so she says)

our good friend- Obi the Dog

wooden key chains, which we got from the export sale

A terrier ornament given by manang’s friend. This reminds us of all our terrier friends, especially Bogart the Handsome Devil.

My beautiful brown Poopster head…

And of course, who would ever forget...

My brother Aki’s fat brown butt…. Heehaw!!

That’s about all of the brown in our house, puppies.

We are sorry if we cannot visit your bloggies or leave any comments in the following days or weeks (heaven forbid!) because our hooman will be very busy with work. *pouts*… for the meantime, Aki and I will be putting up in the classified ads a vacancy for a new secretary (note: we pay a generous amount of kibbles), but until we do find a suitable replacement, Aki and I will just send you as many positive vibes to last you until we return.

We love you all,

The Pooper Scooper

February 23, 2009

Daddy Aki?

I had quite a boring week this week. Nothing too exciting happened on account of my hooman’s constant absence from home. She had to earn a living to afford my kibbles and doggie paraphernalia… and I guess, a doggie scholarship for my college education is in the works, too.
So while I mull over the lack of activity in my household, let me tell you what happened when I went out for a nice walkie last weekend.

My human siblings brought me for a walkie towards the nearest hamburger/hotdog station. On the way, manong stopped for some icecream. The store owner took notice of me and remarked that I was huge and already of age to consider becoming a daddy. I was flummoxed. Just what did he mean by that?

Manang immediately answered in my defense. “He is still a baby.” She said.

“How old is he?” the man continued. He is taking care of numerous dogs of different breeds- from Pugs, Huskies, Japanese Spitzes, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherd, Cocker Spaniels and Shih Tzus. “He is more than a year old, isn’t he?”

“He just turned 1, sir”. Manang replied.

“Oh, that is old enough. He will make the perfect match for my Labrador.” He said enthusiastically.

“You meant the black one? But, isn’t she still very young? I gather she is less than a year…?”

“Ah, yes, I guess… perhaps, my Labrador can wait. But I also have a Golden Retriever. Maybe he can be the father to my Golden Retriever.”

The hoomans grinned politely. “Our Aki is still a baby sir. He does not know anything about fatherhood yet.”

Moving away, all three of us shook our heads. The man wanted so bad to have me sire his dogs. Too bad we didn’t have the courage to tell him I do not have enough “balls” to fit the bill of a perfect sire. Besides, I am perfectly fine being the baby of the house, no sense rushing into any fatherly duties when there are too many out there in need of furrever homes.

On a more serious note, I am reminded of how lucky I am to still be around to think about such things. In most countries, including ours, dogs like myself end up being ‘destroyed’ by known kennels because we are perceived to be ‘defective’ and ‘producing’ such ‘defective’ dogs would tarnish their reputation.

I do not know if my mummy’s keeper (kennel where I was adopted from) knew I was a monochrid. Had he known, would he have done things differently? I told myself that it does not matter now. What’s important is that I have a home, sister Poopie and a family of loving humans who treat me like I was the warmest ray of sunshine, the most refreshing splash of rain shower and the gooiest bar of chocolate that they’ve laid their eyes upon. And for that I will always be grateful.


Please visit Charlie and Opy’s bloggie on how we can all show our support for Bogart and his family. His daddy needs all the puppy, kitty, hammie and what-have-yous zen available. Let us all join paws and give their family their miracle!

February 19, 2009

Poopie's True Colours

Pooper Scooper here and I bring you good news!

Aside from my regular news report, I will also be covering our weekly True Colours meme... My brother Aki felt bad after reading my entry from Mr. Mango's Mango Minster contest coverage on the Terrier category. Apparently, Mr. Mango noticed that I wasn’t blogging much in this bloggie, seeing as this was supposed to be my brother’s blog.

Anyho, to compensate, we have decided to make a compromise and ensure that I would be given regular exposure so that all our puppy friends will get to know me better too… *ahem*…. Thank you Mr. Mango man! Your bark out was all of what my “bloggy hog” brother needed to allow me more blog time. Yay!

For this Thursday, our colour is BLUE.

Hmmmm… Blue… blue… where can I possibly find any blue item in this house?

Do you know where I can find it manong Aki?

I guess the poor thing doesn’t know either.

I Better ask Mr. Blue Bear (Huskee & Hershey’s Christmas gift for moi)… Oh… You don’t know too, eh?

Playing always stimulates the mind to think… maybe this will help...
Argh! This meme is making me hungry… I guess our old doggie dish is still of some use.

And now for some desert of turkey and salmon (thank you Musketeers!) and low-fat bacon (thank you H&H!)… I gotta watch my figure you know. Now, I don't want to appear too bloated on TV!

As always, don’t forget to brush your teeth after a sumptuous meal.

All this thinking and eating is stressing me out. I think a nice bath with my sheep loofa ought to de-stress me for a bit.

Talking about baths, It’s almost summer here. The summer season often reminds me of the beach. A lot of our doggie friends have either gone there or made plans to go already. My brother Aki is so crazy about it that he keeps pestering manang to bring us.

Manong Aki, let’s not go. Let’s just save our money and send it over to our friends in Victoria, Australia. I already opened my piggy bank and pawed over my donation to RSPCA. How about you?

I am pooped. Blue sure is one interesting colour to do for this meme. I hope you had an easier time locating your blues. As for me, I’m going to bed.

Our Prayer

Angel Y.Y, please look out for us from where you are. We pray that you guide our friends and lend them a helping hand that they me be alleviated from their sadness and illnesses. For this day we ask that you help pray for the speedy recovery of our friends:

Asta’s mum, who is not feeling well
Bogart’s dad who is currently in the ICU

We also pray that you ask the Big Guy Upstairs to fan away the flames that is causing much hurt and anguish to the lives and livelihoods of both humans and animals in Australia. Please keep them safe with your angel’s wings.

As for those who have left their loved ones one Earth...

Our cat friends
Lemon and Misty

Who were called by our Father to join you and the rest of the angels in Heaven. Aid them that they will make their journey towards the Rainbow Bridge as safely as you did.

Thank you so much and we love you always.

You will forever be kept safe here in our hearts.

Your loving sister,


February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hellow there puppies!

Pooper Scooper here... it's officially February 14, here and so we will be joining the rest of the canine and biped world in the celebration of Valentine's day...

Thanks to manong, we were able to come up with our 1st ever Valentine's day card... and send it over to all our furfriends' peemails just in the nick of time (using the DWB Christmas Card Exchange Directory).

We are sorry to note though, that we don't have the peemails of some of our cherished friends like Ms. Kylie, Ms. Khyra, Joey and Zeke, Thor, Angel and to all those other pups we might have forgotten and those who chance upon our bloggie... please help yourselves to our humble Valentine's offering.

We love you all!!


February 12, 2009

Thank You DWB

Dear DWB Friends:

We are truly touched to see news on Y.Y in the DWB news today. We are overwhelmed with the amount of support that all our puppy friends and even those whom we've never met, showed at this low point in our lives.

To Addie and Lucie, Khyra, Opy & Charlie and the puppies behind DWB news and those whom we may have missed, thank you so much for thinking of us and for posting about what happened in your bloggies. We are so overwhelmed with the support that you and all our DWB friends showed in the past days.

It would have been way easier to give up and sulk in one corner, but I feel it would be unfair for Aki and Poopie if I do so. Not only will I be letting all of you down, I will be letting all their brothers and sisters down as well. I will be letting myself down in the process too.

Your words of encouragement and support provide us with the strength to endure each day of this much unforseen tragedy. The pain had dwindled a little but the wound of this tragedy hasn’t healed yet. I continue to see Y.Y everytime I open Aki and Poopie’s bloggie, everytime I meet a stray dog, everytime I hear a cry for help. I guess it stings more because of the fact that I wasn’t there. I did not have a choice. I could not in any way, no matter how hard I cry in exasperation, frustration and sheer grief, do anything to help him.

As we often say, we believe that everything happens for a reason and we know that God has a plan for this. I don't know when I will come to truly understand it, but I hope, at the very least that this will be the last of the bloodshed.

For now, we will be taking more strict measures to ensure that all the dogs will not get out of their enclosures. I do not wish to question this tragedy because every dog in our household occupies a space in my heart and putting anyone of them in a bad light breaks my heart. For sure, there are decisions to be made, but I wish at the very bottom of my heart that each one will be given an equal fighting chance to live perfectly normal lives.

I still maintain that a deeper understanding of the 'whys' must be arrived at. To not just give up and take the easiest form of escape. I do not know if selfishness or closed-mindedness is what drives me to still hold on to the hope that things will get better. That there are less drastic measures that may be considered before we can truly say that a certain ‘case’ is hopeless. Never once, did I believe that something or someone is hopeless.

750 or Severino Pepito as I would fondly call him, is what brought us to bring Aki into our lives. He inspired us to consider taking in a Labrador. Back then, I was all for Goldens. He had been the catalyst of so many things, including the opening of our household to so many furkids.

In most honesty, the circumstances surrounding why we arrived with so many dogs at my parents' house is not something that I entirely approve of. I have for years, reiterated this, but as a daughter/sister, who only goes there to visit, I do not have much say on decisions made. I can only provide support and suggestions.

But what seems so magical about dogs, is how opening your heart to one, almost inadvertently leads you to open your heart to all of them. In as much as I disapprove of taking care of so many dogs for economic and emotional reasons, I have found myself in a situation where I have to. They are living beings after all. Creatures who have nothing but pure hearts and nothing but only love and loyalty to give. In my own means, I have tried to afford them access to better lives. I do not know though, if it was enough.

This is why I feel so helpless in the face of this tragedy. Fighting battles for dogs and animal welfare for others, but protecting one's own when they need it the most is one of the worst contradictions imaginable... and yet, here I am. Standing at this crossroad. Waiting for a miracle that my prayers for clarity and peace will be heard.

We might go on hiatus for a while. Not too long, because life continues on for Aki and Poopie. It would be very selfish of me. We will try to visit your bloggies though. Blogging means a lot to us because this is our way of documenting the lives of our dear fursiblings and our DWB friends are just so special that we can't thank you all enough for being with us on this difficult time.

Again, thank you so much for everything that you have done for us. You guys are gems worth keeping and we are forever grateful for the friendship that you have shown.

We are so happy to be part of this wonderful family.

We love you all so much!

In behalf of Aki and Poopie and all at home, I extend our sincerest appreciation.


February 10, 2009

To a Wonderful Brother...

Today is a sad day for us.

We woke up this morning not knowing that a brewing storm is about to come. We WERE supposed to be happy. We WERE supposed to be editing pictures for Birthday cards for our two very good friends who are celebrating their Birthday- Milo and Dr. Dino. We WERE supposed to be making huge plans for Valentine’s Day… Now, we just don’t know what to do… or what to think… or how to feel… Our feelings, everything that we ever stood for, everything is now in shambles.

My brother Y.Y. died sometime around 8 AM. He was only 5.
The worst part, he didn’t die a normal death. My brothers- 750 (Labrador-German Shepherd mix), Heinz (Schnauzer) and Ninurta (Rottweiler puppy) attacked him until he died. 750 got off from his leash and attacked him… Nobody could tell us what irked him. It was a nightmare. Who would have believed that such gentle dogs would be capable of attacking one of their own… These are dogs who NEVER once inflicted pain upon any other human… each of them had their designated areas/ enclosures. They were not abused in anyway for them to just lash out like that.

Since there are too many dogs in the house, each group created their own cliques- the indistinct breeds, the “German-origin” Dogs, the “home dwellers”. For some reason, our alpha dog- 750 had his eyes set on all the indistinct breeds, but never had he picked on Y.Y before.

Y.Y was a very good boy. He was very playful. He was lean and tall, with a built similar to that of a whippet. He would give manang soft kisses and climb at her with all gentleness…. Now he is gone… and manang will never get to see him again… Poopie will never get to see him again… I never met him yet, and yet I will never ever see him, nor meet him … nor experience his gentleness.

Frankly, I am still in shock. Too many options run in my head. Not one of them is pretty in any way. I love all my brothers and sisters but how can I fend for each one of them when I am so far away? What options are available to make sure everyone is safe and unharmed?

If I cry my heart and eyes out and say I Love You repeatedly until my voice croaks and becomes no more, would it reach him in Heaven?

Goodbye manong Y.Y....
You will always be our lovely whippet...
Please paw at us when we meet in The Rainbow Bridge.


Summer 2005 - February 2009

Forever Hugged,
Forever Kissed,
Forever Loved,
Kept Safe In our Hearts.

We love you so Much!

February 7, 2009

Movie Review: Marley & Me

My hoomans watched Marley & Me last Wednesday (Opening Day). The movie stars Jennifer Aniston (Jenny Grogan) and Owen Wilson (John Grogan). The role of Marley was played by some 22 dogs to represent the different stages of Marley’s life.

Overall, we enjoyed the movie because it shares the lessons and value of Life and Love in the form of the most unusual persona of the “world’s worst dog”. For someone who had read the book though, we felt that the story could have been made even better. It does not come as a surprise really because more often than not, book-to-movie productions often fall short of the expectations of the readers.

We just felt bad because there were parts which were not expounded and inclusion thereof would have made the scenes/ stages of Marley’s life more understandable. I could expound, but I don’t want to spoil the fun for my other puppy friends who have yet to see the movie.

The movie lasted for almost 2 hours or a little over it, and manang sniffed and leaked silently (manang: it took a lot of will power not to bawl) throughout the later parts of the movie. It was a good thing we watched during the opening day, so not too many got to see her red Rudolph-esque nose and puffy eyes.

For me, the best part was after the movie ended … When our humans went home and when manong and I cuddled on the floor and slept…


Manang's postscripts:

An anonymous friend of Aki and Addie said that we will be spoiling Aki and Poopie after watching the movie. We had to agree. Seeing it made me love them even more. Watching the movie was like watching Aki’s future life flash before my eyes. It is funny, heart wrenching, tear-jerking, but very real. This makes the Book and the movie very close to my heart.

February 5, 2009

My True Colours: Orange

Hellow there puppies! It’s Friday again! Yay!

First off, we’d like to officially start with our My True Colours Thursday (on a Friday). The host of this meme is Blue and our colour for the week is Orange.

At first we thought ‘Orange’ would be a very different colour to do for this meme seeing as it is one of the least popular choice for our hoomans.

Poopie and I scoured the entire corners and crevices of the house and we were very surprised to find a lot of interesting orange items …

An orange bag, which manang never used up to now…

An orange denim/chiffon skirt—also unused to-date…

A dolphin-print orange ‘batik sarong’ from Boracay, which was given to manang by her friend from Manila. This is usually used in lieu of a kaftan or as a cover-up when going to the beach…

A "well used" Japanese Dictionary- Manang has a great love for foreign languages and Japanese/ Nihon-go ranks as her top favorite. Back in March 2004, she studied Japanese at a language university right after (and nearing the end of) College, but was only able to finish the Beginner’s level because she had to move to Manila for work in June.

A Beagle (hey, Cocoa!) print T-shirt given to her on Christmas 2004 by a friend from work.

Another orange shirt… the best part about this is the inclusion of our ungroomed schnauzer brother- Prof. Heinz Hummer, DDM (from manang's hometown- Bacolod) … we miss him so much!

Of course, this would not be complete without le moi posing with my orange loofah dog, which was given by The Four Musketeers for my birthday! Yay!
And finally, the cream of the “Orange” crop….



Gring Gring the Orange Cat…

I don’t think Orange can get any orange-r than that!

Thank you Blue for letting us join this meme! We can’t wait for Silver!

Happy weekend everypup! We will post about our movie review on the movies we've watched tomorrow…

February 3, 2009


...we will finally get to watch 'Marley & Me'... whew! I know it was shown in some states/ countries waaaayyy back in December, but it will only be shown here tomorrow. My manang, manong, manang R and manang Tin and some friends would watch the show together tomorrow night. Of course, aside from manang who had read the book, their main reason for watching the movie is the fact that Marley is a Labrador and his antics remind them a lot of a certain someone so close to their hearts... *feigning ignorance*

We are sorry for not being able to visit all of our puppy friends as often or leave comments in all your posts. Our secretary's schedule is just mad, mad, maaaddd, with meetings, conferences and all that boring la-de-da day in and day out. We will be blogging lengthily on Thursday to officially start with My True Colourrs Thursday (thank you Blue- for allowing us to join and Maggie and Mitch- for giving the link) and we hope to see you all by then.

Before we shuttle off, please don't forget to check out Addie and Lucie's and The Four Musketeers' bloggies and join in their pawsome contests...