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August 27, 2009

Silence of the Lab

The coming weeks might be a little too quiet again. The hoomans have announced to Poopie and myself that they are leaving us (again) for almost 2 weeks. We were told that they will be going to a place called Hong Kong.

Hmmm.. Do you suppose there are lots of Red XL Kongs there? Message to self: make a three-pager list of stuffies/ treats/ things for the hoomans to buy for Poopie and myself. :)

To all our puppy friends, we love you all so much and we will miss you a lot!!

Poopie update: it’s that time of year again! The diapers are on for the almost 2 weeks now. We hope her heat cycle would end within the supposed 28 days otherwise the hoomans and I will go absolutely bonkers warding Choy Choy off. Mind you, it’s no fun being a big adolescent boy during these times.

When they get back and assuming Poopie’s cycle is over, the hoomans have decided to make a schedule with the V-E-T about something called ‘spaying’. Of course, they needed to be counseled with regards to the matter. I’ve heard that the operation is a little delicate since it involves “invasive surgery”. We do hope that whatever they decide on would be for the best of all of us, most especially Poopie.

August 19, 2009

The Gring Files

It was a Sunday afternoon, I woke up rather late after wasting away the night watching reruns from my laptop. I stretched myself like I normally would. Manang said I might still grow taller if I continue to do so. I don’t believe her really, nevertheless I developed the habit. My body felt good after stretching.

“Poopie?” I yawned, noticing that my sister was not in sight.

I paced our apartment, making sure that I covered every room, cabinet and crevice. Poopie was gone.

Hushed stirring sounds slowly emerged as I headed down to the kitchen.

Peering closely, I saw Poopie intently focused on the TV rack.

As I drew closer, I spotted a blurry orange figure at the corner of my eye.

Feigning injury, it managed to draw my sister dangerously closer.

I am perturbed. Why would my sister even think of going near that wretched thing. My inner gutt tells me NEVER to trust anything with glowing eyes.

Before I could have even moved a muscle, they both broke out into a full-blown fur brawl.

Is this the so-called skhiwrrel Khyra kept talking about?

I surmised, a few more seconds and Poopie would be a goner. So I hurriedly roused the hoomans for them to aptly deal with this new perpetrator.

“Manang, Manang, please hurry!! Poopie needs our help! Another alien has come to attack us!”

Startled and still cranky, the hooman dragged her feet to see what the commotion was all about.

“There it is manang… “ words fumbled out of my mouth. “There is Poopie’s attacker!”

The hooman followed the direction I was pointing at. Her eyes started to chink as she let out a good hearty laugh.

“It’s just Gring Gring!” she said as she drew some kibbles from our kibble bin and led the creature out. “he just came in for some food.” ... and then she dared give it a face scratch!!

With that, the hooman disappeared back into the snoozing room.

Truth is, I was disappointed- both at Poopie and the hoomans. So foolish of them to be so credulous. I may still not know what a “Gring Gring” is but I sure don’t trust it.

Only the frail minded would think it purportedly entered our house for the food.

Even mulling over the day’s events for the entire day would not set my mind at peace. I decided then, it was time to consult with my Aki cam.

The succeeding events left me dumbfounded.

Where was it going?

More aptly, what is it planning to do?

That fiend!

How crude. That was so not classy. Not classy at all.

Please tell me this bloggie is not going to the Gring Gring.

A very disturbed,


August 14, 2009

URGENT!!: Please Help Us Save the Greyhounds!!!

Dear friends,

Today, allow us to shamelessy solicit for your help/ support.

A few weeks ago, our emails have been flooded with news about various congressmen and a senator pushing for the enactment of two house bills: House Bill 5291 and 5648 which aims to legalize the creation and operation of a greyhound racing facility in Mandaue City and Rizal/Pampanga/Laguna, respectively. What alarms us most is the fact that such an inhumane proposition is getting much support from the local government as posted in these articles (please take time to read).

We never had nor met a greyhound personally but more than the breed, dogs or any animal at that, be they mongrels or pedigrees, have a right to life and should not be in any way treated as a commodity or instrument for meaningless entertainment. There is far too much hurt and pain in this world. What we need is more people to spread more love.

We believe that there are more significant and productive activities worthy of the funds being planned to be poured in this bloody and meaningless so-called-sport. However, if such individuals- the proponents and its benefactors find delight in such pitiful activities then they should really consider finding for themselves a life.

Please help us stop the enactment of these housebills. Greyhounds are living beings worthy of a chance to live in loving homes and families who understand their needs. They deserve more than a life muzzled up and behind kennels, if not running in the race tracks. If we were blessed to have been given the chance to live with loving pawrents who treat us as integral members of their family, why can’t they?

For more information please visit the following sites:

We were informed that House Bill 5291 had already passed Congress and is already now in the Senate for a second reading and is in danger of becoming a law very soon.

As of latest, only 11 senators have committed to vote NO against the passing of this bill: (Thank you very much!)
1. Senator Chiz Escudero
2. Senator Gringo Honasan
3. Senator Pia Cayetano
4. Senator Miguel Zubiri
5. Senator Jamby Madrigal
6. Senator Manny Villar
7. Senator Rodolfo Biazon
8. Senator Aquilino Pimentel Jr.
9. Senator Mar Roxas
10. Senator Alan Peter Cayetano
11. Senator Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III

However, we still need to convince more than half of these senators:

Sen. Ping Lacson -
Sen. Lito Lapid -
Sen. Loren Legarda -
Sen. Kiko Pangilinan -,,

Sen. Bong Revilla -
Sen. Antonio Trillanes -
Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile -
Sen. Jinggoy Estrada -
Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago -
Sen. Dick Gordon -
Sen. Ed Angara -
Sen. Joker Arroyo -

You can also sign up in this petitionsite:

We would like to encourage that emails to the remaining senators be made so as to let our voices be heard faster. Just this morning, we were told that it is around this time that the Senate will vote on the House Bill. Please help us amass support to show these senators that the world does not need another "burial site" for greyhounds.

Thank you very much and we hope that, united, we can put a stop to this abuse to one of God’s greatest creations.

If loving these animals is too difficult to do, we, at least ask that they be given respect.

August 10, 2009

I am a Bad Dog...

Does it show? *cough cough* Please ignore the torn pieces of foam, chewed furniture and scattered toys in the background…

For some very odd reasons, the hoomans said I had been quite a bad boy last July.

For one, I did this to manong…

Not on purpose of course (apparently the rough playing went a little too rough)… And yes, I did say sorry many many times.

As penance, Poopie and I had to endure the discomfort of being permanently clothed.

Seeing as this is a compilation of July, I would like to point out that such pictures were taken sometime early July and was supposed to be our way to show support for Phantom. Sorry it took us this long to post these…

Clearly, Poopie and I were not happy.

But then again, that is what empathizing is all about. We are just glad that to-date, Phantom is doing well and is once again, shirt-free!

As for George, he had finally moved residence. That is, from manong’s room he now moved to our living area.

And oh, though I am sad to report that he still does not know how to bark *tsk tsk* he now makes Poopie-like whining sounds and has learned to perch on hooman fingers,

and erm… hooman heads…

The end of July also marked the culmination of the hooman’s Biggest Loser Home Edition-1-month-only contest, and here are the results:

Manang- lost 1 kilo
Manong- lost ½ kilo
Manang Tin- lost ½ kilo
Manang R- lost 1 kilo
Manang Clavel- lost 2 kilos
Aki- gained 1 ½ kilo *cough cough*
Poopie- gained 2 kilos (finally!!!)

Umm… perchance, you pups know of any biggest gainer contest somewhere? These application forms are all filled out and ready!

All in all, July was a good month. If only, we had blogged more about it, instead of going through all these paper works. It was too troublesome that I had even volunteered to help sort out the mess in exchange for an extra helping of kibbles.

There are still lots to share, but for now, let me end with this. Next time, we will post about manang’s new discovery- our new doggie heaven: Bow&Wow, our new favorite treats, more tales of destruction and probably a new video!

As an end note, I would like to dedicate this handsome photo of myself to Aunty Shane…this is my version of the “Hershey-sleeping-on-the-belly-look”

Happy Belated Birthday Aunt Shane!!

Hope you will have a splendid vacation! We love you lots!

Drooly kisses,

Aki, the big boy