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May 22, 2009

A Slippery Situation

Sometime last month, Aki and I received this wonderful parcel from our very good buddies, Huskee and Hershey after winning in their slipper giveaway contest! See how excited Aki was to open the pressie?

H&H and their mum were very kind enough to send two slippers for each of us. In it was a pawsonal note from H&H themselves. If you read closely, they specifically stated that I get the pink slipper, while slipperhog Aki gets the blue one. Instructions can’t get any clearer than that.

I can so understand why this has become Huskee’s favorite toy… It’s just so cushy and soft, not to mention, squeaky. Very squeaky.

It can be gleaned from this picture how happy I am to be sporting this new fashion statement. In my pawsonal opinion, this is far better than those Havaianas and Ipanemas that the hoomans sport.

But if you think getting this slipper was as easy as apple pie, then you are mistaken.
Remember H&H’s note? They were crystal clear right? Well… let’s just say a certain someone has a problem with following orders.

As you can see from the evidences below, this certain someone seems to gravitate towards the pink slipper. We had to tell him again and again that the blue one is for him because as a general rule, blue is for boys and pink, for girls.

Look at how fixated he was to get the pink slipper from the hooman. These are the eyes and determination of a raving lunatic… *shudder*

Finally, we have decided to settle the score with some modeling. Afterall, only an actual “paw test” will determine if the pink slipper suits him best….


Hold your breath. This is not for the faint hearted.

Aki’s paw in blue

Not bad. Not bad at all… The heart design gives it a little touch of femininity while the thong design gives a sense of comfort. As for those horrid nails, there’s nothing a little manicure and french tip would fix.

And now…

Aki’s paw in pink

What do you know… *Poopie gasps. For a minute she holds her breath and then blinks.* Never in my young life did I ever think pink strawberries would suite such a manly paw…

Enlighten me, puppies. Do real men really wear pink?

May 18, 2009

A quick note...

We wish to apologize to all our furfriends for not leaving comments in the past days. Poopie and I wish that we can now say that we will resume blogging but unfortunately, we can't. Not yet, anyway. *insert very sad faces*

Manang is still sick today but despite that, continues to remain busy with work. She will be leaving for Bohol again tomorrow and we won't see her until the end of the week. We hope by then she gets better 'cos this lack of blogging action is boring us already.

To our friends, we miss all of you so much!! Thank you for the awards and sorry for the lack of active participations in the contests and all other events and very late unposted posts (that we promised to do eons ago).. We try as much as we can to drop by, leave comments and check in on all of you from time to time, but our Secretary's present condition, could only allow us to do so much. We love you all and we hope you will all have a wonderful week ahead... For now, allow us to share with you our picture with this fastfood icon whom (and whose products!) we all love ...

Take care everypup !

drooly kisses,

Aki and Poopie

May 12, 2009

May 8, 2009

Our Ginatilan Getaway: Part 2

During our second day in Ginatilan, Poopie and I woke up at around 6AM to the scene of fishermen arriving from their overnight mini expeditions from the middle of the sea.

Upon their arrival, throngs of family members gather to inspect the volume of fish that they caught. In lesser developed areas like this, fishes caught by these fishermen are sold in the market and partly, consumed by family members for their daily meals.

Little kids were also sprawling in the beach. Some were helping out their parents in securing the “inventory” for sale in the market, while some were simply enjoying themselves in the ocean.

As I headed out for my early morning swim, my attention was caught by this group of people- young men, actually, who were transferring mid-sized rocks from the seashore to the nearby man-made sea wall.

Overlooking the entire operation is this guy, whom I fondly called as Capt. Jack Sparrow. He was a very nice man. He informed us that they were actually making a second sea wall to replace the first one which was already badly battered by the waves. Capt. Jack was working for Manang Joyce’s parents, thus explaining why they were working near our beach area.

By 9 AM, all of the lazy hoomans had already finished breakfast and proceeded for another round of swimming. We were supposed to visit Ginatilan’s famous waterfalls, but since it rained last night, we decided to just bum around the beach again.

While the hoomans were busy lounging in the sand bar and tending to their personal businesses, a certain dog, who shall not be named *cough cough* went missing! Perhaps, his* limitless independence had become to enticing, that he decided to wander off to experience a different side of Ginatilan.
*not indicative of the real gender of the missing dog.

Apparently, this “missing dog” had chased after some chickens, found a nearby pig pen, met several dogs, scared off some kids and considered all these amusing. He strayed and strayed until he found himself a cozy home near the main road, which was filled with hoomans who were all capable of screaming like girls- yes, despite their adam’s apples...

After nearly causing his hooman family to have a heart attack over his exploits, manang Tin found him, apologized profusely to the “aggrieved” family and brought him back to the beach house.

This time, everyone decided to get into the water in order to keep an eye on him.

We went to the other side of the beach, which had more fishes in them. Manong, Manang Tin and R’ found for themselves a nemesis… BOL! He was a black salt water fish, who was very territorial and continually pecked on their ankles while they snorkeled.

The hoomans urged me to help them chase away the fish, but I was no good at diving, that all I can do was circle around them in my usual “shark style” swimming technique… (I have this thing with hoomans who are engrossed with swimming. Whenever I see someone having so much fun in the water, I would swim near them and purposely hit them with either my legs or forepaws until they would get distracted or swallow sea water…. Hehehe)

It was so unfortunate that we didn’t have an underwater camera to expose the fiend and his evil doings... BOL! Alas, if only my brothers Paco and Milo, were here, they would have helped us with our fishy problem… hehehe…

By this time, I was already tired from two days of continuous swimming, so manong decided to put me on top of a rock. He said it was so that they could all keep an eye on me… I wondered whatever for… *puts up innocent face*

As the day progressed, the water level started to rise until my rock was almost hidden. I barked and barked because I wanted to get down and was already tired of swimming. Manong urged me to go down, but I hesitated so they had no choice but to coax me using my squeaky ball and a bag of chips.

As I planned to head back to dry land, Capt. Jack Sparrow, who had by then, become quite fond of me, offered to let me stay on his “boat” while the hoomans continue with their swimming.

At first manang was so thrilled, but realizing that the boat was a little too “delicate” for me to stay in, she begged off citing that my puppy nails might “deflate” Capt. Jack’s boat. Spoil sport.

It was a good thing that Capt. Jack was a persuasive man- and a very generous one at that! He again, insisted that I rest in his boat. The flooring was afterall, covered with wood, so there was no way I could sink it. To sweeten the deal, he volunteered to bring me to the middle of the sea.

I was elated. And so were the hoomans, I bet! Even from afar, I can see their burnt faces seething with envy… hehe… manang R’ had been taking interest in riding the boat since this morning and I, Mr. Achilles Wong, had managed to do so, for free! Yup, only by using my puppy eyes, I managed to score a trip to the middle of the sea and back. Ha! Take that hoomans!

Is it just me, or do I hear myself sizzle with hotness? Oh yeah!

By noontime, the sun had started to beat down hard on us. We headed back to shore to have lunch, pack our bags, shower and take a few snoozes.

We left Ginatilan at around 4:30PM. By 8PM, we were already home but not without stopping by for some juicy burgers at McDonalds for dinner. (We will post all the other pictures once Manang Joyce makes us a copy of those taken from her camera)

Poopie and I had both been very good dogs throughout the trip and the hoomans decided to reward us with a burger each... the 4Bs weren't kidding when they said McDonalds burgers are delish!

I had a good sleep that night. I immediately slept upon arriving home, which was kind of unusual (after dinner, of course!). And just when one would think that I had more than enough sleep, I slept throughout a large part of Sunday, too!

Whoever said tired dogs are happy dogs, sure wasn’t kidding! From now on, you can tire me anytime! 'Til we meet again Ginatilan! For now, I will just continue to dream about you...

May 6, 2009

Our Ginatilan Getaway: Part 1

Hellow there puppies!

Sorry to have been a little silent for the past days, the hooman had her hands full with work (again!) . So without further ado, we give you Part 1 of our Ginatilan Getaway…

Last May 1, Friday, was a non-working holiday here in the Philippines. We celebrated Labor Day, and instead of going through their daily work routines, the hoomans decided to take us along for a two-day trip of plain leisure and all out relaxation.

We headed to a place called Ginatilan, which was about four (4) hours by local transport. In order to get there, we had to take a bus from the South Bus Terminal.

We woke up as early as 4:00 AM in time for the 6:00AM trip.

By 7:30 AM, we were already on our way

We arrived in Ginatilan by 11:00 AM and proceeded to take a 5 minute walk towards the coastal areas, where manang Joyce’s private rest house was located.

Upon arrival, I surveyed the entire area and was rather pleased.

Here is a view of the corner of the island as seen from our beach

Beautiful and virginal Ginatilan is well known for its waterfalls, but when we arrived, we fell in love with its pristine beaches

Without a minute to spoil, manang and I proceeded to test the waters. Aside from us, there was only one more group of people who were there. I courteously introduced myself to the locals, who were at first a little petrified to see a smiling dog with extremely huge incisors.

Manang spent a lot of time convincing people that I was as harmless as a clownfish. She even had to humiliate me in such a manner to prove her point…

See how she treats me in front of so many people? You could imagine the level of mortification I went through.

By 1:00 PM, the hoomans had finished preparing our meals and we all had a hearty lunch. A little later, everyone slapped on their sunblocks and went back to the water for some after-meal swim (isn’t that supposed to be bad for the health?)

Here are the three angels who planned out this wonderful vacation. Manang Joyce (sitting on rock) was even kind enough to let Poopie and I sleep with the hoomans in the room- how cool is that?

In order to prevent the rough waves from crashing into the house, they built this sea wall by piling (and maybe concreting) large rocks which were scattered all over the area.

Amidst all these frolicking and horse playing, a lonely soul stood still and silent. We call her- “the gate keeper”… BOL!

Poopie, as you all know, loathes the water, except perhaps, for drinking. Unlike me, she hates taking baths, swimming or simply getting wet.

Sometime during mid morning, the hoomans brought her to the beach (forcibly) while she was strolling along the sand bar. She fought hard and strong and ran out drenching wet with her tail tucked in her bumbum.. hehe.. Of course, the hoomans, being primitive creatures as they are, failed to digest all these and repeatedly “forced” her to “enjoy” the waters. Poopie had to fight back, of course, and their story ended with a large “pooper scratch” on manang’s leg. I hope they finally got the point.

Manang Joyce’s house had two storeys and a roof top with a breath taking view of the ocean and the mountains.

I, in particular, was very thrilled to be afforded the independence to decide where I want to go and when. I had practically, access to every nook and cranny. I even managed to go to the roof top without adult supervision (don’t worry, it is very safe).

Aside from enjoying the beach, we were finally able to enjoy one thing that we had not seen for a long time… watching the sunset

At around 5-6PM, the waves started to ebb. Watching the skies slowly lighting up as if it were “burning” was mesmerizing.

By this time, Poopie had vomitted twice because of the long trip. The cold sea breeze was likewise a little too much for her petite frame and so she had to spend the entire night wearing a jacket.

Not even the cold night wind could quell the inner diva in her.

This is my first time to stay overnight in a beach and live the life of beach bum hoomans.

I spent some good hours sleeping under the moon that night, waiting for the skies to clear up and the stars to line the heavens.
I wanted to make a wish then. I wanted to wish for dogs to have the same experience I (and Poopie) did: to live and roam freely, but without the hunger pangs and the occasional worry of where to seek shelter and to spend cold nights by choice and warm ones under blankets of hugs and kisses from people who love us.

There was one lone star, and even if my inner gutt told me it might have been pretty Venus, I made my wish.

Good night, Ginatilan.

May 4, 2009

She Won!!!!

We interrupt this bloggie’s regular program for an important news….

Aki and Poopie (in unison): She Won!!!! (followed by a series of awkward square dancing)

Do you remember our story about having a baby Chow Chow sister last April? Well, manang’s brother, finally sent her a picture. And guess what the occasion was?

Our sister, the pretty baby, Yan Tzi, WON!

Yes she did! She did! She won! Just as Manny Pacquiao won via knock-out against Ricky “the Hitman” Hatton, yesterday, our very pretty sister Yan Tzi also won in another "match". She won THE BEST IN SHOW- PUPPY last May 1, 2009 while Poopie and I were vacationing in Ginatilan.

This was only her second dog show competition (she won 2nd the 1st time she joined) and she is already starting to become a pro!

Go Yannie!!!!! We are so proud of you!!!

Your stage siblings,

Aki and Poopie (and manang too!)