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September 17, 2008

Aki Learns to Crawl

One of my manong's passion is to teach me silly hooman-conceived doggie tricks. At first, I was really hesitant because it makes me look like a droolfus. Not to mention, it is useless.

Then again, there is always that delectable, mouth-watering treat patiently waiting for me at the end of each well-executed trick. Can a dog say no?

I'm wondering though. Do hoomans also teach their babies to sit, stay, crawl and roll-over? What do you think Trudis, Sweepy?

Anyho, during our Spaghetti Day (which I will post soon), my manong and I reviewed our Crawling lessons.
Crawling Akikoy the Kurukukoy Boy, Take 1:

Did you see that?
Look how quickly that spoiled sister of mine devoured my hard-earned treat.
What a mean Pooper Scooper!
And what mean manangs at that!
I believe 'tis such tolerance that makes for really spoiled Jack Tzu's
Crawling Akikoy the Kurukukoy Boy, Take 2:
I can get used to this set-up
Hear how the hooman ladies swoon at my cuteness.
I believe that dogs can really get away with anything.
Ha ha ha!
Revenge is sweet.
And the treats are sweeter.
Crawling Akikoy the Kurukukoy Boy, Take 3:

Oh my.
Would you look at that?
What form.
Such grace.
Executed to Perfection.
Now I'm ready for my close up.

(Note from The Inu Ogler: Aki is currently enrolled in the Doggie Distance Learning Center for Mad Labradors. He doesn't have any classmate, doesn't pay any tuition fees, his manong is his teacher and his grades come in the form of treats, big hugs and lots of Koykoy lovin'. We are rather impressed with how fast he learns and the kind of dedication that he shows- esp. when a nice piece of doggie treat is hanging just a wee bit above his nose.)


Greenwoods Pet Clinic said...

whoaaaaa! aki, are you sure that it was you and not a double??? i am so impressed with your new found talent! however, i will have to warn your manang that certain groups out there may take notice and recruit you for their nefarious activities, of course with a bagful of treats.
no canine has been implicated so far, but with the notorious success of these groups,it will not be a surprise if they are employing canine accomplices.

- the animal doc's secretary

Achilles Wong said...

hi mommy secretary!

Don't worry. My talents are purely for our Spaghetti Day activities. Maybe I can show you some when we drop by Ilo2 this December (paws crossed) Manang doesn't want me to get too much media attention. She is afraid i'll find a GF and leave her. That is why she is pushing so hard for my neutering.

drooly kisses,