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September 22, 2008

Drooly Doggie Court Battle

Manang had been saying that I’ve been pretty destructive lately.
They alleged that I did this to our house every morning.
That’s why I’ve been put on exile for the past 4 nights.

A smart dog like me knows which facts are true.
I’d say I agree on the ‘pretty’ part
But Destructive?
No drooling way!

I say, show me evidence!
Doggie court cannot put to prison an innocent dog

I demand bail!
Those Chew eez will do just fine.

Ms. Secretary, you are a lawyer aren’t you?
Do you think a sweet puppy boy like me

should be put to doggie prison?

My smart manong Heinz said they

Not unless there is a teeth-sinking,

Shoe sole shattering

Chair tumbling,

Paper scattering


So what if they have all.

I’m getting back to my defense.

I am a handsome puppy boy.

And handsome puppy boys

CAN get away with anything.

Now, can someone looking like this be GUILTY?


Greenwoods Pet Clinic said...

Aki, even if I don't handle criminal cases anymore, I'm willing to defend you but...but Aki, the evidence against you are just too strong. I suggest plea bargaining.

Your Mommi Secretary

Huskee and Hershey said...

Gee Aki.. seems like all the evidence is working against you. Ok if all else fails, try the innocent puppy-dog eyes as the last resort.. works like magic every time!! ** good luck buddy! **

Achilles Wong said...

hi huskee!

do you think there's a way for me to put the blame on my sister? hehehe.. Exile is a drag

Mommy Secretary:

Don't they have any ruling against imprisoning handsome puppy boys like moi? I know MoyMoy had been put to prison once. Maybe I should talk with him about it. I could ask for some tips to convince the judge to drop this dratted case

An overly caffeinated Aki

Sophie Brador said...

Aki! Look at what a handsome pup you are! I never got to do any of that destructo stuff because mom kennel trained me. If I did do it, I would be proud!


Greenwoods Pet Clinic said...

aki, moy-moy cried his way out of prison. he cried like a girl hihihi!