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September 11, 2008

Our Watery Sunday

Sundays are for Water
By Achilles Wong

Sunday is usually the day when manong, manang and I go out to buy drinking water. Let me share with you my regular Sunday morning routine…

“Aki, wake up! It’s time for us to get some water.”
“Manang, can I come too?”
Unfortunately, manong carries the water container all by himself and manang holds my leash, so it would be too cumbersome for her too bring both Poopie and me. In addition, she’d be bringing her annoying camera along, so her hands are both figuratively and literally, full.

“Shtoopid camera..”
“Shtoopid water container…”
“Shtoopid hoomans..”
The road is muddy today. My beautiful paws are already soiled in muck. Too bad the shoes that my friend Max and his sister Abby gave me wouldn’t fit. *Bawl* Whatever. I’m too excited too greet my friends. My manong will take care of my muddy paws since he promised to give me a bath today, wooofy!
“Hellooow Aki!”
“Can we come with you?!”
I really love this block. There are too many podsings. I always feel like a star!
Oh, hello friend! Now, don't you look like my manong Y.Y.
I wonder what those ‘shushing’ sounds are all about. My hoomans in the Ilonggo House keep complaining that they don’t like taking me for walks in our subdivision because there are too many dogs and they make a lot of ruckus when we pass. I don’t understand it, really. Don’t they realize that those are just my legions of fans screaming out my name in adulation? It really is hard teaching old hoomans new tricks.

Ooppps… We’re here!
Hellooow! We’re here!
Just wait manong, maybe they didn’t hear us..

Helloooow!!! Finally that deaf man heard us. It’s such a bore really. Being asked to wait outside while that deaf man fills up our water container.

It’s a good thing my pretty friend Yoga and her really nice grandma are always around to keep me company. Nevermind her mom, she’s a black hag… hihihi…

It seems awfully quiet today though. I checked Yoga’s house. What? no sniffing noses today?… Manong said Yoga and her mom were tied up at the moment. *boo-hoo*
The agony! (The inu ogler wanted to get documentary evidence but doing so would mean breaching into the property of Yoga and her grandma *boooo!* )

Good thing the deaf man was unusually fast today.
Now manong can finish his meaningless task and give me my well deserved bath and body massage. Did I mention I love a Swedish belly rub?

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