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September 26, 2008

Worry-full Week

Our Pooper Scooper is very weak today. We don't know if she is or isn't. She had been going in and out of this weak mode since Sunday. We had a check-up with the Doc last Tuesday evening and he said her temperature is okay. We also had her check for Ehrlichiosis and it was negative. CBC likewise returned normal results except for a slightly high level of Lymphocytes.

Per online consultation with The Animal Doctor (thru the help of my ultra cool Mommy Lilli), it might be something viral. Meantime, she is taking her Amoxicillin and Vitamin C twice a day to strengthen her immune system.

As of Wednesday she was already up and about like a bouncing ball. She was also eating like crazy. She kept doing her 'Please' dance and had even extended a helping hand in the rehabilitation of a doggie pooh human who kept whining about having dog trauma. We had a successful Carbonara Day last Wednesday.

Poopie with the supposedly dog-traumatized hooman

Yesterday she was bursting withe energy. She ate her doggie meal, had some burgers and even ate some bacon treats. She was even up at around 12 midnight wreacking havoc in the Ilonggo House.

Her latest victim- a stripe shoe which was supposed to be a gift for manang's niece.

This morning though. She wasn't eating again. Manang had to use her "pigeon feeding" skills again just to make eating interesting for her. Still no appetite.

She waited and waited until manong left. My sneaky manang had to open some canned tuna to feed Poopie. Still no appetite.

She scrimaged for more food until she found some pork and beans. Still no appetite.

Manang cried in frustration. It was already almost 7:30 and she was absurdly late. Despite her better judgment she tried to tempt Poopie into eating some cat food. Poopie normally loves cat food but she was not allowed to eat it for obvious reasons. Still no appetite.

Poopie eating like a Pigeon

She was able to eat a few kibbles this morning. Manang did not give her her vitamins because she cannot take it on an empty (or half empty) stomach.

Today we will be going to the Doctor again. Manang doesn't really want to bring her to the Doc again because she doesn't like seeing Poopie in pain when the needle pierces through her skin. I, on the other hand, am a much braver boy. I wish I could give Poopie more encouragement. I wish I can help Poopie feel less pain when being injected.

I love my sister very much.

She makes waiting for the hoomans to come home less boring

She entertains me with her nonsensical stories

We have grown together.

I saw her morph from a rat-looking, highly questionable shih-tzu to the Pretty Pooper Scooper that she is.

Pre- Ilonggo House Poopie

Poopie NOW

Manang is crying. Her pea-sized brain is full of worry.

This had been a very tough week... Manang kept suffering from a LASIK- related (?) migraine for a week now... We had a nasty bout with the Evil Ticks from Down Under... Our hoomans captured and executed a total of 300 last Sunday... And my Pooper Scooper is not her Poopster self.

If dogs are equipped for leaking, I have leaked a long time ago.


T-man's mom said...

I'll be sending healing thoughts and prayers for little Poopie. Hopefully there will be a simple reason that's easy to fix. Not knowing what's wrong can be so stressful, and can be traumatic to the caregiver also.

I'll ask T-man Angel to say a special prayer that Poopie get better.

T-man's mom, CC-man and T-man Angel

Achilles Wong said...

thank you so much t-man's mom. we are really very worried about her condition. we can only hope that she is only being a prima donna and wants to hog all our hoomans' attention. We hope the doctor will come up with a clearer explanation later.


Sweepy said...

Woofy, Poopie.
This is what is called the Oh-Ghost month (August) remnant where everybody seems to be getting sick and all that hullaballoo whatever.

I hope Poopie will eat soon. Our best appetizer/antibiotic/whatever is VCO, virgin coconut oil which I'm sure Poopie will love, boost her energy, strengthen her immune system until she gets to eat normally again.

It works for us. I hope it works for her too. The hoomans can eat it and splurge on their skin like lotion.

Enuf of my unsolicited advice.

Stay cool.

Achilles Wong said...

thank you Super Sweepy! I am at the moment, pawing at our manang to get her to buy that VCO thingie. If it works for a Super dog like you it would surely work for a Pooper Scooper like myself.

thanks much and stay Super

drooly kisses,