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September 22, 2008

Rain of Treats

I’m so happy this week.
And I thought I was already happy last Tuesday.
I guess my drool charm, as Sweepy would call it,
was making its magic work for me
and oh! What drooly magical it was.

Manang arrived last Tuesday evening with that usual
Boring yellow plastic bag
I’d usually sniff at it to look for some treats
But they always manage to keep it out of sight.

It was only after my spy (and also my sister) Poopie
Told me that they were stashing some doggie loot inside manong’s room
And indeed there it was…

Doggie treats, a new coat comb and of course,
my very own Tooth Brush

Manang had been looking for it for a very long time.
Ah. Now I can have an impeccable doggie breath
No more hissing sounds from the woof women in the Ilonggo House

After tonight
After all the brushing,
And gum massaging,
I will visit every room,
Sniff at every corner
And give each boring hooman
A taste of my newly improved kurukukoy smoochie

But what’s this?

Yesterday my manang and manong arrived carrying a new plastic bag
Could it be?
Be still my paws
Drool not thy tongue
Something from within beckons me

“Aki….. Save us Aki…”

Oh glorious heavens!
Why does my drool drip like a broken faucet?
Gushing like a river.

What could have caused thy senses to go haywire?


A Bag of Vita Bone Treats in seven delectable flavors..
Purina Chew eez Rolls

My Venus!
These are perfect.
I feel like crying.

Hold on.

I know that contact lens cleaner is not mine
Nor is that icky looking weed stuff

(Note from the Inu Ogler: It’s actually a sea weed snack)

Manong told me we can’t have the Pik Nik either
It was too salty for us

But, what is this?

Manang! What is this CAT FOOD doing here?!

The genius in me thought of a plan
Since there are too many doggie treats this week,
Why don’t we divide it equally?
And just so, I won't be accused of being unfair.

let's use this boolean expression:

if(Poopie>Aki,'All the Treats',

if(Poopie>Gring gring,'Beggin Strips','Cat Food'))

Well, what do you know...


However, in the spirit of sportsmanship

And to prevent the wagging of dripping tongues

for all these,
I am willing to do the dishes


T-man's mom said...

Ha ha, I like the scene of you doing the dishes!! I wish T-man could have done those for me :)

I'm surprised you liked having your teeth brushed. You must get lots more kisses with your clean fresh breath!!

T-man's mom, CC-man and T-man Angel

Achilles Wong said...

hi T-man's mom and T-man Angel!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I know T-man would have loved doing the dishes for you if only he could reach the sink. :)

*big koykoy hug for T-man's mom*


the 4 Bs said...

thanks for sniffing out our blog. you have really got a lot of treats there. no wonder you are drooling. we are too. but we gotta wonder about that toothbrush. do you really like that thing? yech.