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September 15, 2008

Lost Ball

I am so depressed today.

I can't even bring myself to get a proper nap.
Can you see the tension in my eyes?
I often get that twitch eye.
Manang said it's a sign of stress.

Now, what's a dog to do?

Oh no! I'm not bored.
I'm just depressed.
I am preoccupied.
I'm worried.
It shows, doesn't it?

Manong, can we go for a little walk?
I want to look for my ball.

Manang said I was missing one.

Maybe Choychoy took it when I was asleep...

Or it fell on the ground during our weekly Sunday trips

Maybe I left it during my visit to that deaf water man

Or it was stuck up in those trees

Have you seen my ball, Yoga?
I suppose not.

You weren't around when I lost it last week.

What are you doing manong?
You can't find my ball there!
I suppose it's okay.
I love belly rubs, anyway

Is this your missing ball, manong Aki?

Oh no, Poopie.

That is not my missing ball.

Manang said I have to wait a little while.

It might show itself after a few months or so.

Can you help me look for my ball?


Note from the Inu Ogler: Aki's missing ball is actually his tootoot (trans. testicle). He only has one when we thoroughly checked it during his 8th month Birthday. We are hoping that the 2nd one would appear before he turns 10. We will be arranging for him to visit the Vet soon. Aki's manong became paranoid after I let him read my online conversation with The Secretary. He is desperately groping for the 2nd one everyday. We hope everything turns okay. We don't really want Aki to undergo any surgery. :(

1 comment:

Greenwoods Pet Clinic said...

awww, don't be sad aki. i'l ask the Animal Doctor if he can post about your "problem". meanwhile, im sending you good vibes and some belly rubs on the side, hope your "problem" is not a problem after all. - the Secretary