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September 3, 2008

Kisses from Koykoy

Manang came home today with nothing but great news. My friend MoyMoy answered the message that she left in his C-Box re my *ehermm* oral care concerns -can you even believe this?. Truth be told, I don’t see anything wrong with my teeth. Just like Moymoy, I’m still a baby boy and I don’t have the slightest signs of cavity. I think that manang was only overreacting. I always give my manong my trademark wet drooly kurukukoy kisses everytime and he doesn’t complain- ever.
See? I even get paid to kiss him.
How about that manang.. Now see? This is what a combined dosage of IAMS biscuits, dentastix and lechon baka bone does to even the artsiest and fartsiest…
Even my sister Poopie proves my point just as clearly. And she gets paid for it too!
Now, is there still any objection on the freshness of my breath?

Case dismissed.

(Note from the Inu Ogler: I never said that Aki had an oral problem. We just wanted him to have fresher breath. I think someone is just insecure :P Anyho, a big drooly thanks to the Animal Doctor, Moymoy and his Mommy Lilli for sharing with us their helpful suggestions on how to properly care for our spoiled doggies’ teefies. The next time Aki complains of a toothache, it would be out of his own doing.)

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