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September 23, 2008

The Mad Dog Dash

The Mad Dog Dash
by The Pooper Scooper

Just last week, the Ilonggo House held its first ever Mad Dog Dash Competition. It was a slobbery feast. We had the usual la-de-da dinner, some roasted pig bones and of course, oodles and oodles of drool-dripping fun!

There were 3 official races with the following official pawticipants:

Race 1: Manang, Aki, Poopie
Race 2: Manong, Aki, Poopie

The Race 2 panticipants pose for a pretty (and sweaty) picture

Race 3: Manang, Aki, Poopie

I pride myself to be joining all 3 competitions. I had been secretly practicing for this day. Afterall, I have in me the blood of a Jack Russel Terrier. I was born to race.

Ready, Get Set, GO!!!

And we’re off!

This is not the race track?

And once again, after much shame,

Ready, Get Set, GO!!!

Race No. 1: Aki vs. Manang vs. Poopie

1st Place: Manang

2nd Place: Aki

3rd Place: Poopie

Upon the suggestion of our mad Labrador racer, we stopped for a water break.

He kept muttering that he was a little dehydrated that’s why his performance was not up to par-phooey!

Race No. 2: Aki vs. Manong vs. Poopie

1st Place: Aki

2nd Place: Manong

3rd Place: Poopie

Manong tried to console me. He felt bad that I came in at 3rd place again.

It’s not a biggie manong,

I’m gonna be 1st in this last race!

Amidst the drama, somewhere near the starting line was our new 1st placer.
On yet another water break

“Water is my Gatorade”

I heard him say between the slurps and drools.

Race No. 3: Aki vs. Manang vs. Poopie

This is it!
The rematch of all rematch.
Here I shall claim my victory!

Ready, Get Set, GO!!!

1st Place: Aki

2nd Place: Manong

And what do you know…

Surprise, surprise...

3rd Place: Poopie

It’s okay.
After all, I may not really be half Jack.
Shih- Tzu’s are delicate, peaceful and feminine puppies.
My life is inside the Ilonggo House.


Everyone was panting
Everyone was drooling
Everyone smells like dog.
Until we race again!

(Note from The Inu Ogler: There would have been a 4th race, had Mr. Achilles not toppled our ‘water jug’ and flooded the race track.)


Sweepy said...

Woofy, furries!

ForBarkingOutLoud: Poppie won the best smile, Aki the "heavy drinker" and the peeps for, well, being mad and lab-ing...

T-man Angel said...

Ooh, I loved watching those races!! Poor least he's awful cute looking when he's coming in last place :)

By the way, you can use zip code 60048 if you like. It's our zip in the U.S. That might work??