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September 12, 2008


Baby Killed (due to the ignorance, negligence and outright st*pidity of the baby's parents!!!) By Puppy Unattended For Over An Hour
July 30, 2008 07:58 PM

There are new details about the baby killed by a dog on Monday. Tulsa Police say the two-month-old baby boy was named Zane Alen Earles. The News On 6's Emory Bryan reports police say he was unattended for possibly as long as an hour and a half before his body was discovered.
More has been learned about the family involved in the tragedy and also the puppy that police say is to blame. The little boy was two months old, the dog only slightly older.
Tulsa Police now say the baby's father, 18-year-old Tyler Craig, was not home when the baby died sometime between 8:30 and 10 a.m. Monday morning. The baby boy was in an
elevated wind up child's swing, inside the house, when he was killed.
"The baby's father left the residence about 8 a.m. and the baby was fine. The baby's grandfather left the home about 8:30 in the morning and he had put the baby in the swing set," said Tulsa Police Officer Leland Ashley.
The medical examiner's report is pending, but police say the evidence clearly shows that the black lab puppy killed the baby. The dog was euthanized and examined at the Tulsa Animal Shelter, and found to be between two and three months old.
"It was a very young puppy. We don't know what caused the dog to act the way it did, but all indications are that the dog is responsible for the child's death," said Tulsa Police Officer Leland Ashley.
The baby was identified as two-month-old Zane Alen Earles. He was born May 28th at the Peggy Helmerich Women's Health Center at Hillcrest Hospital.
His mother is 17-year-old Linzy Earles, who was in the home with the baby's grandmother. They told detectives they were on the opposite side of the house from the baby when the dog killed the child. (are they deaf? couldn't they hear the baby cry?)
"We're looking at it as possibly just a tragic accident that occurred. We're not looking to blame anyone or anything like that, but the detectives will investigate this case," said Tulsa Police Officer Leland Ashley.
Court records indicate the mother filed a protective order against the baby's father back in January of 2007. It was dismissed within just a few days, and that was well before she was pregnant with Zane.

The Inu Ogler: I'm bleeding, grieving, angry, furious, hysterical. The puppy was 2 months old. If someone were accused of a crime, would they be euthanized immediately, too? Nothing was proven, that's why they are investigating it. Eitherway, irresponsibility, ignorance and lack of true maternal concern of the parents and grandparents caused the death of the child. PEOPLE WHO DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PROPERLY CARE FOR A DOG DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO OWN ONE! This is a very very very very sad and depressing news.


Sweepy said...

Woofy, Akikoy!
I just got in. Thanks for visiting me always. I hope to visit you often too which is a drag coz we have slooooooo-band.

Sloppy kiss and drools
and the black hounds
Sumo and Bogart

Greenwoods Pet Clinic said...

hi aki!, the hoomans should be blamed! the baby might have looked like a chew toy. if the pup indeed killed the baby,im sure it didnt mean to!grrr

-the secretary

Achilles Wong said...

thanks for drooling by Sweepy!
I always love visiting you because I also want to be a SuperDog like you!

Hi Mommy Secretary!

This news really made me sad because he was not just a labrador like me, but he was still a puppy.

I've been searching the net like crazy (you could just imagine how difficult that is considering my huge paws) for a more detailed version of the news but there was none.

This is a very sad day for dogkind. poor human and dog babies.