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September 2, 2008

My First Day Blagging

This is my first day and I'm very excited. This morning, my manang and I had a talk over breakfast. She asked if I wanted to have my own "blag". I was a little confused as I never knew what that word meant. The only thing I can associate it to is that sound I hear when I go ballistic (occasionally, of course) inside the house and hit the wooden chair, by accident and it crashes against the floor. It was only when my manang began to tell me stories of Moymoy, Sweepy, Deedee Marie, and even T-Man (bless his beautiful soul) etc. that I began to understand what "blog" really means, and how it is properly spelled.

As part of the trade off, I have promised my manang that I'd post certain stories made by my other siblings in Bacolod.. She said this would be the best way to emblazone their presence in history (whatever that means). Before anything else, let me set a few facts straight:

1. Although I have lots of nicknames, I mainly go by "Aki". Coincidentally, this is also the same name that my manang uses, although she is a girl and I am a kurukukoy boy. The word kurukukoy does not have any meaning. But my sisters and brother thought it was cute. These silly hoomans always think of useless things, really.
2. I am a male labrador and all the other stuff concerning age and birthdates, etc. that you read in my profile were borrowed from my manang, because minors like me are not allowed to create their own blogs yet.. even in dog years, I still would not reach the 13 y.o. age limit. *hrumph*

3. I am a Chinese Labrador Retriever. I know Labradors are supposed to originate from Europe, but I am a new breed. I have chinky eyes, and my last name is Wong, so sue me! (the inu ogler: this breed was just concocted by Aki's brother, who had nothing to better to do)

4. I am a Bacole├▒o (trans. a per(paw)son from Bacolod City) together with my sister Poopie. I speak fluent Hilagaynon/ Ilonggo, contrary to most people's belief that I am Cebuano. Don't get me wrong though, I have lots of Cebuano friends, i.e. Choychoy, Peachy, Gring Gring (the inu ogler: they are the resident dogs/cat in our rented apartment), and that other dog that bit my butt while I was minding my own tail and taking my afternoon walk.

5. All of my hooman siblings are from Bacolod, thus we call our house the Ilonggo House. I call my brother "Manong" and my sister "Manang". I also call my two titas "manang tin tin" and "manang rhoda". My manang calls herself "the inu ogler" while he calls my manong -a "kikit" (shhhh....) ... hihihi.

That's enough introduction for now all you podsings! My puny forepaws can only type so much for today. My manang and I will be looking at some of her old stuff later. She'll be introducing to me her "hug dogs" in Bacolod. I've never seen any of them and I'm very excited to meet the podsings that started it all- my brothers Ohm and Laki.

Till then. Ciao ciao cao cao!


Greenwoods Pet Clinic said...

ohh, finally you have your very own blog aki!!! cooools! its me trudis. im very happy to have online doggy friends right here in the philippines. i hope you, sweepy and shantee and I ( forget about Moy-Moy and Jappy hihi) could get together someday, it will be totally pawsome!

Achilles Wong said...

thanks for dropping by trudis! i had to show manang my cutest begging face for her to get started on my blog.. as expected, she couldn't say no... hihihi..

i'm looking forward to meet you pups as well.. we can have a nice doggie dinner together..